• “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Dr. Suess

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


7:45 a.m. David is hurrying to work.

I leave the computer - 15 zillion things open and working - walk 12' and open the frig to hand him food for breakfast on the run. The light is off. WHAT?? I close the frig.

I check the  microwave clock. It is off.
I go back to my computer. It is black!

The power is off.

David is gone.
I listen.

The wind stirs trees outside an open screen. I hear birds chirping. The steady click of a battery operated clock is the only  house sound - the clock and me; my pencil on paper; the rustle of pages from the Bible I am reading; my chair as I wriggle.

I still myself.
I listen.

Outside I hear traffic.
Outside I hear children playing.
Outside a dog barks.

Inside unusual silence reigns.

I have wished for it, unable to silence the the clicking ticking beeping roar of gadgets and appliances,  and even heating and vents - but not enough to give up electric power or the conveniences and comforts it provides. Now there are no flickering screens or staring digital numbers. No humming lights or cranking appliances intrude on the silence - in all the house. I am so accustomed to tuning out the noise. The silence is stark!

The house itself sounds small creaks and occasional 'pops' even though I sit completely still, unmoving. It seems to have its own whispers as it continues to carry the weight of our lives.

I will wait for power to finish the laundry; power to repair the skirt by my darkened sewing machine; power to vacuum the rugs that soften each footfall; power to press a shirt; and power for this blog and my e-mail, budget, banking, facebook and indexing; power to connect with project managers, creators and contributors.

I rely on power.
I NEED power.

I often tell others to not let what they can't do interfere with what they can.

I can wash dishes by hand and dry them too.
I can dust or polish furniture but usually I don't.
I can knit the scarf I have been working on for months.
I can file and label pictures and bills - sigh ...
I can read scriptures.

I choose to read scriptures ...
and find quiet, real power!