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Grandpa Neil kept many handwritten and typed journals. They were compiled and arranged in 1996 by his daughter Ruth Forsyth Horne (Robert). We sincerely appreciate the work of all that contribute to such valuable records. As much as possible she retained his spelling and punctuation

This record may be accessed at the LDS Church History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. Aunt Ruth tells us that, 'At age 80 he bought a typewriter and taught himself to type because his handwriting was 'shaky'. A brief history, on this blog, of his childhood and growing years is titled 'Neil Snow Forsyth history'.

Neil Snow Forsyth about 1908 

In January 1907 Neil, age 28, traveled from Lund, Nevada (where he had been staying with his sister Belle while doing some carpentry work) by train, to visit his parents and family in Magrath, Alberta, Canada. In his autobiography he tells us about his first experience with Southern Alberta weather, his first Canadian job and his first meeting of some of the Hatch family. The following narratives are mostly Neil himself telling us his story:

"It had been an especially hard winter, the snow and cold started in November, and there had never been a break til after I got there in Feb. It had been as low as 56 below. One night in March, Frank [his younger brother] bundled up good to go to his band practice. I was still up when he came home about 11 pm and he had his fur coat etc on his arm, and he said there was a Chinook. The next morning the snow and ice were gone and it was 60 above, where it had been 30 below that night.

"I soon had a carpenter job building a new school in Spring Coulee for a Mr. Wm. Thompson. When I finished around June 10, the school asked me to go to High River, a day’s ride by train, and build a set of buildings on his ranch there. His brother met me, we finalized the contract and with help from local men, Mark and Tommy Hall to haul gravel, a plasterer and a brick layer to lay the chimney, I finished the building by July 3rd. While there I met John Burgess, Tom Hatch, Mary Hatch and Celia Parker. I returned to Spring Coulee July 5th and Thompson had plans for me to build a store in Spring Coulee." 

Neil left to serve a mission to Great Britain the 16th of November 1907.  He worked building until the day he left. He returned to America the 13th  January 1910 after serving an honorable mission. He traveled by train to Salt Lake City Utah, arriving the 29th of January, and stayed to visit many friends and family members until April when he returned to Canada. He met Clara McAllister, a school teacher that he continued to write letters to even after returning to Canada. 

1907 Passport
I quote again from Neil's own record regarding this time in his life: " April 13, 1910 – I started carpentering with Merrill and Critchfield, I worked for them just 10 days, then I started out on my own.

"May 13, Steve Dudley talked me into going with him to Calgary to start a real estate business, so on May 20th I went on the train to High River where I met him. We went to Mark Halls in Brant to stay over Sunday. My cousins Willard and Joe Snow lived just 6 miles from Brant."

 [Census records show Willard M Snow, age 24, living alone as head of house, in the area in 1906.  He is still in Alberta with his wife Maud in 1911. He, and his brother Joseph are the sons of Willard Snow (born 1853 – wife Mary Melissa Meeks), a son of William Snow and his youngest wife Ann Rogers. Willard Snow (1853) is a step brother to Sarah Sophronia Snow, Neil’s mother. She is the daughter of William Snow and Sally Adams.]

"Sunday morning I borrowed Mark’s horse and rode out and had dinner with them, then came back to Halls. They hadn't come from meeting so I went in and was writing a letter to Clara when I heard them come in. Mark called for me to come go for a buggy ride with him, I said ‘I’m busy’ He said ‘Come on, I want to take you and introduce you to your future wife.’ I said, ‘I will be right out.’ We drove down to his neighbors Tom Hatch. Bro. Hatch and some of the family came out, but the oldest girl was tending the baby and didn't come. Mark asked me to unhook the team and take them down to the well and water them, When I brought them back the other daughter, Chloe, was out and Mark introduced us. We visited a short while and then returned to the Halls for the night. 

"May 22, This morning Steve and I went to Calgary. We had a hard time finding an office but soon secured one. I found when I was working with a client, Steve would take over and try to handle the whole deal and on two or three occassions he had squashed the deal. I had a big deal almost closed when Steve came in and took over. The man soon froze and walked out. That night I saw a contractor who offered me a job at .45 per hr, which was top wages for carpenters at that time. So I told Steve I was thru with the real estate business.

"3 July, I started carpenter work for Knoepfli the next morning. Oct 18 I left Calgary after work and went to Magrath for Thanksgiving and to be with my parents for their 40th wedding anniversary Oct 31.

"Nov 1, I returned to my work in Calgary where I worked until the end of Nov. when the weather was to cold to continue. Dec 2, I bid a job for a set of buildings for Steve Dudley, on his farm south of Frankburg to be built as soon as possible after Jan 1, 1911.

"Dec 3, I left for Magrath and spent the evening with mother and father before retiring. Dec 4, I awoke about 4 am, I could see a fire downtown. I dressed and hurried down and found it was the Taylor Karren Store, across from the Trading Co. There was a few men there but it was nearly burned down, and there was nothing we could do. There was not wind, and it was very cold with about 4 in. of snow, which kept the fire from spreading to other buildings, so I went home and went to Bed.

"Dec 11, I went to church all day, and I was the only speaker at the evening service, I spoke on the Apostasy.

"Dec 12, 1910 – Steve Dudley came today and we spent several hours going over the plans for his new buildings on his Frankburg farm. I am going to Utah for the holidays, and I will start building as soon as the weather permits in January.

"Dec 15 – I left on the morning train for Salt Lake. I stopped in Blackfoot [Idaho] and visited with the Tom Blackburn family and visited with an English convert Celina Chance. I took her to the Saturday night dance in Blackfoot. Sunday the 18th I went to S.S. with the Blackburns and saw many members that I know. I was one of the speakers in Sac. Meeting.

"Dec 19 – This morning I saw Elder Alma Buttcane and visited with him till train time, then went on to Salt Lake. I got a room at the Temple Square Hotel on South Temple. I met Elder James W Phillips and Nellie Taylor. She was an English Convert and had just arrived from England. They told me they were getting married Dec 22nd. I spent the next few days visiting friends and other converts from England and cousins, The Cunningham girls. [These would be daughters of James Alma Cunningham and Jennett Forsyth, a sister to Neil’s father George James Forsyth.]

"Dec 23 – Clara McAllister came in from Tooele where she is teaching school. She and I visited together till Dec 27th. We went to the teachers convention that day and to a show in the Salt Lake Theatre that evening.

"Dec 28 – Clara went to Ogden to spend New Years with her relatives there. I took Winnie Brewerton to a show that night.

"Dec 29 – I was telling Winnie good-bye at the R.R. station when Father and Mother came from Canada. I took them to McAllifs where we had dinner. Then they went to Bountiful and I took Eva Walker to see ‘The Girl of the Golden West’, that evening. Eva and Winnie were English converts.

"Dec 31 – I went to Provo and spent the New Year with Uncle Wm Snow and family. I went back to Salt Lake Jan 7th and left for home Jan 10th. We stayed in Great Falls that night, It was 37 below when we left there the next morning. It got to 42 Below at Sterling that night. I went to Magrath the next day. It had been 50 below in Magrath.

"Jan 16, 1911 – Steve came and took me to Calgary, we drew up our contract for his buildings.

"Jan 20 – We came to High River and arranged for the materials for the buildings then drove out to the farm, where his brother was living in a grainery. Although it was cold I started work on the barn the next day.

"Jan 22, 1911 – Sanford and I went to church in Frankburg. I was asked to speak in S.S. and Sac. Meeting both. We went to Brant after church and spent the evening at the Hatch farm. That was the first time I had seen Chloe since Mark introduced us on May 21, 1910. In spite of the cold I did some work on the barn the next week.

"Jan 29 – We went to church in Frankburg again and on to Brant after church. All the young church members spent the evening at Sis. Olsens.

"Feb 12 – They planned a party at Hatches for the next Friday. Sanford had told everyone what a good cook I was so they asked me to make 2 pies. Feb 17th I quit work at noon this Friday, to make my pies. I cooked some dried apples then rolled out my doe and put my bottom doe in the pans, then the apples. I sprinkled a handful of uncooked beans over the apples, put my top crust on and baked them. Sanford and I tried to figure some way to cut the pies without letting them discover the beans. Before lunch, they were playing charades, so he and I planned that I should go out and he would suggest that I cut my pies. When I came in, I stalled around awhile, then picked up a knife and cut the pies. No one discovered the beans till they started eating them. They sure caused quite a laugh.

"Sanford and I got home at 2 a.m. that morning and Steve was there. He and I lay and talked until 5 a.m., then got up and had breakfast. Steve was going to see some farmers close by and he took me with him. As went he told me his bro. Odd (Hosmer) was on a mission and Sanford was just taking Chloe to hold her for Odd when he got home. I had talked to her about them and knew pretty well what she thought of both. I said I would bet I could take her if I tried. Steve was sure I couldn't.

"Sat Feb 18 – To-day Steve and I visited Bro Hatch and Steve bought some meat from him, then we stayed overnight for church Sunday.  After church we all went to Hatches for dinner.  Feb 20- I worked on the barn all day to-day.  It was so cold Tues. morning that Steve and I decided to go to Magrath. We stayed in Lethbridge Wed.  The next day I went to Magrath and Steve went on to Spring Coulee.   The next day it snowed all day and all night.  I took my niece Loree Forsyth to a character ball to-night.  She was dressed as Pocahantice, and she took first prize.  Feb 25- I went to Raymond.  Delsel Salmon who had been in the mission field with me, went with me to a show.  The next day I went to MIA conf. in Raymond. 

"Feb 27- I went into Lethbridge and on to High River.  The next day Sanford came in and took me out to the farm and I went to work on the barn the next morning.

"Mar 3- I worked til 4pm then I started to get ready for a maskerade ball that night.  Sanford and I went up to a Chris Larsens and his wife helped me dress as Uncle Sams wife- Sanford was dressed as Uncle Sam.  We went to the dance at Brant, and made quite a hit.  They all recognized him, but most of them thought I was Chloe Hatch, as he had been taking her out.  We danced till 5 am.

"Mar 19- I stopped at Frankburg and took Heber Frank to Brant with me for their SS and Sacrament meeting.  Heber and I were the speakers for their meeting.  All the young folks went to Hatches after the meeting.  Fay Hatch brot Inez Pitcher who lived on a farm east of them.  About 10pm Inez wanted to go home so Fay went out and hooked the horse on the buggy- then tied him up and came in for her.  It was cold and when she went in the other room to get her wraps, all but Chloe and I went with her.  I said “Lets go take Fays buggy, and we went and drove out in the field.  I asked her to go to the dance the next Fri. night and she said she would.  That was the beginning of our courtship.  We went steady from then on.

"Mar 26- I went to SS in Frankburg then went to Brant and brought Chloe over there for meeting that afternoon.  BP Frank was the postmaster in Frankburg, and during the next week he met Chloe one day, and warned her to be very cautious about going out with me as he said I was writing to 14 different girls.  He wanted his son Heber to get Chloe.  Mar 30- Sanford and I got ready and went to a SS party at Brant.

"Apr 16- Sanford and I went to SS at Brant.  Inez Pitcher invited us and Fay and Chloe to her home for Easter dinner, and we all spent the evening there.

"Apr 23- Heber Frank went with Sanford and I to church in Brant, and we all spent the evening at the Hatch home as usual.  On the way back to Frankburg Heber was telling me how much he thought of Chloe, and how scarce good girls were in that district, ad he thought if I was out of the way he could get her.  I knew from things she had said, and from what her brothers had told me, that he had been trying for years to get her.  I said “Heber if you could have got her you would have had her long before she ever saw me.”  Then I told him about Alice Phillips that we had brought from England, I said I was sure she would make him a good wife.  The next morning as Steve was leaving for Calgary, I asked him to bring Alice down the next Sat. to let her spend the weekend with her folks, so he did.

"Apr 30- This AM I took Alice to Frankburg, I told her I wanted her to go to church there and I would take her to meet a very nice young man before I went to Brant, and I would arrange for him to take her back to the farm.  I drove to Franks house and called Heber out, and interduced them.  I told him I had promised her that he would have her back with her folks before dark.  I am leaving her in your hands and I want you to take good care of her and I drove off and left them.

"May 19 – Sanford and I killed a pig in the evening and I cut it up before breakfast.  I went to Hatches and got Chloe and took her to the Little Bow * where the Frankburg ward was having a picknick and we spent the day there."

Ruth Horne, daughter to Neil and Chloe inserts: 'The following is a brief synopsis of the life of Chloe Roseltha Hatch, taken from her brief writings and her father’s records up through 1911, when she married Neil S. Forsyth.' 

Additional details of Chloe's early life are posted on this blog under the title, 'Chloe Roseltha Hatch history'.

"Chloe was born in the year of our Lord 1886 on January 9th in Woodruff, Arizona to Thomas Karren Hatch and Viola Melissa Pearce Hatch. Her father was born in Lehi, Utah and her mother was born in Provo Utah. In 1888 when she was 2 years old, the family moved to Alpine, Arizona where the rest of the family was born.

"About 1896 Chloe’s father was called as Bishop of the Alpine Ward. He was set apart by Heber J Grant and John W Taylor. Life was good to them, for the times they were living in.

"Chloe tells one story of going into the pantry to get something. She knelt on the floor to get into the lower cupboard and she felt something go over her leg, it turned out to be a blow snake, not poisonous but frightening to a 10 year old girl. Snakes were not common in rural areas of Arizona.

"In 1899 tragedy struck this family, with the death of their mother on Feb 9th. Chloe was just 13 years old and unable to care for the family with her father away much of the time in his freighting business. For a time they all lived with Grandmother Pearce. When they moved to Woodruff the following year, Kate lived with Grandpa and Grandma Hatch, Chloe and the others lived with Aunt Nora Savage. Chloe helped care for Wren who had kidney problems. At times some of the other children lived with other Aunts and Uncles. It seemed to Tom that family unity was difficult.

"By 1901 Tom had lost much in his business and in an effort to pick up his life again he decided to leave Arizona. He had heard of new land opportunities in Canada, so in the spring of 1901 they all travelled to Logan, Utah. In Sept, with financial help from his father, He left with his family, by train, for Canada. Here they stayed one week at Immigration Hall in Lethbridge. While here they received vaccinations and all the children were sick except Chloe. They had only one trunk of clothes and some bedding, so Tom bought a team and wagon, some furniture and moved them to Sterling. He bought two building lots and built a little home, and started the children in school. He also bought a hundred calves and they had a good winter in Sterling.

"In the spring of 1902, Tom got a job with J W Wolfe in Spring Coulee, so in April the family moved again. Chloe said this trip was so cold they nearly all froze to death. Mary said the large unfinished house they lived in was built by Manley Brown, father of Hugh B Brown. They shared the house with the Elisha Laycock family. Sister Laycock taught the girls many useful things about homemaking. Chloe tells of braiding rag rugs for the floors in this home to make it warmer.

"In 1902 Chloe tells of her first suitor, a 32 year old bachelor, a returned missionary, when she was a mere budding girl of 16. It seems that her father thought his wonderful daughter was old enough to take the vows of marriage. But she having a mind of her own found that she could avoid the bachelors company by sneaking out the back door when he came calling and go out without him.

"In the spring of 1903 Tom bought a section and an half of land from J W Wolfe and farmed it. Sometime during this year, Lorenzo who was just twelve got infection in his leg and had to have it amputated. Chloe was assigned the task of taking care of Wren during his recovery, sometimes he was so miserable he couldn't even stand a clock ticking in the room. This incident broke his bather’s heart again, and in the fall of 1904 he sold his land to W L Thompson and took his family to homestead at Brant, Alberta.

"There was no school at Brant, so Tom encouraged people around to get one built. All the children were soon back in school, walking in the summer and riding horseback in the winter. The years were hard, extreme cold in the winter, hail storms and prairie fires in the summer.

"The nearest meeting house was in Frankburg so the family attended there. Sunday school was in the morning and Sacrament Meeting in the afternoon. Between services they were invited to dinner thought the kindness of the Franks, McPhies, or Larsons. Often in the evening after church many of the young people would go to the Hatch home for a fireside get together.

"Chloe writes, that while in Brant her father served as Branch President of the Frankburg Branch, and she held various positions in the Branch. She taught a Sunday School class and also a Primary class, and the last year she was Primary President and served at times as a chorister.

"On May 22, 1910 one Sunday afternoon a group of young people went to boat ride in the lake. Chloe was with them, but her father called her back to tend Aunt Ona’s two week old baby. Mark Hall, one of our neighbors brought a young man to visit and introduced him a Neil S. Forsyth.

"Neil did not stay in the area as he had business in Utah. It was not until the next spring, in 1911 that he returned to work at Frankburg. They dated frequently after that and in August Chloe says he popped the well known question and she accepted. They started making wedding plans. Mrs. Larson, a family friend in Frankburg helped Chloe make her wedding dress. They wanted to be married in the Salt Lake Temple and sacrificed many things so they could afford the trip. In Dec. Chloe and Neil, with two other couples from Canada made the trip to Salt Lake to be married on Dec 20, 1911."

NOTE from Ruth Horne: "Neil was in the Frankburg area thru May and June finishing his work for Steve Dudley and visiting with Chloe as often as possible." We now return to Neil's own record:

"Jul 1, 1911 – I went to High River and got a team and buggy at the livery barn and drove out to Hatches. I stayed there that night. The next day Chloe and I went to S.S. then drove out to snows for dinner and spent the afternoon with them.

"July 3 – We went to Dudleys farm for dinner, then to Frankburg for the afternoon sports. We went to the dance there that night for the opening of their new community hall (opera house). After the dance we drove into High River and left the team at the livery barn, and got rooms at the Oxford Hotel.

"July 4 – We went to Calgary on the a.m. train, I got a room for Chloe at the place I was staying, and we went to the races and to the grandstand (Stampede) at night. The next day I took Chloe home, and returned to Calgary July 7th.

"July 9th – I sent $200 to Faulkners in England for them to come to Canada. I found all the carpenter work I could do in Calgary, earning .45 per hr for Doyle and Thomas.

"July 24 – After work I went down to the R.R. Station and saw the boy scouts come in from England, where they had been for the coronation of King George V.

"Aug 19 - I went to High River, and hired a livery team and buggy and drove out to Hatches and stayed there that night. Chloe and I went to church on Sunday. After church we went out to John Burgesses for the rest of the day. His wife is Chloe’s sister Kate [Catherine May Hatch]. They have 2 children a boy and a girl. I returned to my work in Calgary on Monday.

"Sep 15 – There was a lull in the work in Calgary, so I got on the train and went to Lethbridge and stayed overnight at the Dallas Hotel.

Chloe Roseltha Forsyth about 1912

"Sep 16 – After Chloe and I were engaged I asked her if she wanted to go to Calgary to live, or would she rather make her home in Magrath. There was not a branch of the church in Calgary at that time, so she said she would rather go to Magrath. We planned to be married in Dec. so when I got to Magrath I made a deal to rent Father’s place, farm and all for a year. He and mother were planning to go to St. George and work in the temple there for the winter. I stayed a few days and helped father put up some hay.

"Sep 19 – I went on to High River that afternoon and drove out to the Dudley Farm and stayed there overnight. I drove to Hatches the next morning and took Chloe and Nora to John Burgesses where we spent the day. We returned to the Hatch farm that night. The next day I went back to Calgary to work.

"Oct 5, 1911 – Several months ago I bought 5 acres of land in Calgary for $500. Now that Chloe didn’t want to live in Calgary, I went to the real estate man and sold it back to him for $650.

"Oct 7 – Faulkners came in on the train at 3 a.m. I met them at the station and I took them and Alice Phillips to the Leric to see ‘In Old Kentucky’ which was a very good show.

"Oct 9 – I took Bro. Faulkner down to the CPR Freight sheds and got him a job to start tomorrow a.m. Then we rented a house and bought some furniture and got it delivered, then we moved them into their new home in Calgary. They were sure happy.

"Oct 13 – I went to High River and stayed overnight at the Oxford Hotel. The next a.m. I got a livery rig and drove out to Frankburg where Chloe had been working, and I took her home.

"Oct 15 – We went to church in Brant. Fred Anderson had married Fern Larson that week and they were in S.S. After it was out we took them to Hatches where we spent the day visiting.

"Oct 16 – I took the livery rig back to High River. Then went by train to Lethbridge. I stayed at the Dallas Hotel that night. When I went in for breakfast the next morning there was Wm. Woolford and his new bride. (He was my last companion in the mission field.) I hadn’t seen him since I left the mission field in Jan 1910. Now he and his bride were just returning from Salt Lake where they were married in the temple. After breakfast I took them uptown and bought them a wedding present, and we visited around Lethbridge till afternoon then we got the 3:45 train and I went to Magrath and they went on to Cardston to make their home at Woolford, Named after his father.

"Oct 17 – I started to help father with the harvest and also did carpentry for Tom, the Meeks, Mercers and Marion Ackroyd. We completed the Harvest and I worked on the new hotel here for a friend of Tommy Roberts through the first part of December.

letter from Chloe to Neil 31 October 1911

"Dec 11 – I went into Lethbridge and on the Brant the next day. Chloes bro. Fay met me at the R.R. Station and took me to their place.

"Dec 13 - Chloe and I went to Frankburg for a shower being held there that evening for here and Alice Phillips. Alice and Heber Frank are going to Utah along with us and will be married the same day, in the Salt Lake Temple.

"Dec 14 – We all went to High River and boarded the 11 a.m. train and went to Magrath. We went to the Relief Society clam and oyster supper there that night.

"Dec 15, 1911 – We left Magrath by train and arrived in Salt Lake Dec 17th at 12 noon. We got rooms at the Hotel Albert on West Temple. Two other couples came from Can. with us to be married in the temple, Rone Fletcher from Magrath and Roda Ashton of Taber and Ernest Albiston and Jennie Piper both from Taylorsville. We all went to a meeting in the tabernacle that afternoon, the next night we all went to the movie show.

"Dec 19 – We cashed our drafts, I went to a bank on 4th So. And Main where I had done some business in 1906 and cashed mine without any trouble. The hotel man where we were staying knew Heber and said he could identify him at Deseret Bank, I went with him and when we got inside I saw my Uncle Alma Cunningham talking with the manager, so he made it easy for Heber to cash his draft. We then went and got Chloe and Alice and went and got our marriage license – rings, etc.

"Dec 20 – we went to the morning session of the temple, 276 people went through that session and 47 couples were married. Chloe and I met Jim Meeks and George L Stringham at the Union Station, as we went to get the train to go out to Layton to visit Horace Layton and family, who had moved there from Frankburg.

Neil Snow and Chloe Roseltha Forsyth nee Hatch

Married: 20 December 1911
Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, USA

"Dec 21 – We 4 Canadian couples tured the Hotel Utah, where Rone and Roda Fletcher were staying. Then Chloe and I, Alice and Heber had our photos taken. Then Chloe and I went to Deseret Book where I interduced Chloe to Eva M Walker as my wife. Eva laughed thinking it was a joke. She was an English convert I had been corresponding with for a year. After we convinced her we were married, she opened a drawer in her desk and took out a large photo she had addressed to me for Christmas. Now she gave it to Chloe. We spent that evening with my cousin Florence McAlluf and her family. The next three days we spent visiting with friends and relatives and stayed overnight with Aunt Hannah Eldredge on Christmas Eve, and spent Christmas Day with her family. After dinner we returned to Salt Lake on the p.m. train, and went to our hotel.

"Dec 26 – Ralph and Louie Winnerton from Provo, whom I knew in Magrath, came and visited us in our hotel room. Heber and Alice Frank left on the 2:40 train for Canada, at 5:20, Ralph, Louie, Chloe, and I left for Provo. The next day we visited with relatives and friends in Provo, and went and saw the ‘The Persian Princes’ that night.

"Dec 28 – all our relatives gathered at Uncle William Snows, and we spent the evening there. The next day Chloe and I went to Taylorsville and visited Aunt Mary K Benyon and family. We went to a show there that night, ‘ The Girl and the Game.’

"Dec 30 – We went on to Salt Lake the next morning, and had dinner with Billy and Elsie Miles, whom I converted in Dudley, England. We went on to Logan on the 2:40 p.m. train and stayed with (Chloes) Aunt Ruth Hatch that night.

"Jan 1, 1912 – We visited with Aunt Celia Woolf all day, and went to my cousins Willard Gardeners for the evening. His father and mother, Uncle Johnnie and Aunt Celestia Gardner and several of their children were there. Jan 2nd we visited relatives in Logan. The next day we went to Franklin and stayed with her Uncle Wilford Hatch that night. On Jan 4th we visited with Layfayette and Hyrum hatch. We stayed at Hyrums that night. Jan 5th we visited Aunt Lizzie Daynes. We stayed with her that night, and went to an old time party.

"Jan 6 – This morning Aunt Lizzie’s son Lavere, took us to aunt Chloe Daynes, out 6 miles north of town in a sleigh. It was snowing and we stayed overnight. The next day one of the Daynes boys took us back to Franklin in a sleight. We had dinner at Aunt Lizzies, then went by train to Logan. We went to Josephine Monches and had dinner, then they took us to her parents home, Uncle Johnnie and Aunt Celestia Gardner, where we spent the night.

"Jan 9 – We visited Chloes 2 aunts, Adeline and Louisa Barber. It was Louisa’s and Chloe’s birthday, and we had a double birthday dinner. Louisa was 77 and Chloe 26. Adelines birthday is Jan 26 and she will be 78. That afternoon we visited the Agricultural College, where I met several of my old school mates. We spent the evening at Willard Gardners, we stayed at Chloes Uncle Tom Smarts that night.

"Jan 10 – Uncle Tom Smart took us to the station in a sleigh, we went to Cash Junction where we met the train to Canada. We left there at 7 p.m. on the Oregon Short Line. We arrived in Butte, Mont. At 7 a.m. and left there at 7:30 a.m. on the Great Northern and arrived in Great Falls at 2:20 p.m. We stayed at the Woodruff Hotel there that night. Chloe suffered with an earache all that night. It has been very cold and stormy the last 10 days.

"Jan 12 – We left Great Falls at 10 a.m. and arrived in sterling Alberta at 6:30 p.m. I hired a livery man to take us to Raymond, we stayed at Uncle Orrin Snow that night. The next day we left on the CPR at 4:55 p.m. for Magrath. My bro. Frank met us at the station with a sleigh and took us home. It was very cold weather.

"Jan 18 – We had dinner with my sister Mary and her husband Will Evans. On Jan 20th a Cheynook wind blue all day and took most of the snow off. I went to the farm and brought my claves in to feed them here.

"Jan 22 – My youngest sister Florence and her husband Ammon Mercer had Chloe and I and Frank and Rachael Forsyth for dinner today. The other four had been married Dec 22, 1909 in the Salt Lake Temple.

"Jan 23 – I unloaded a load a load of chopped oats into the bin in the barn for feed and did a few other odd jobs. In the evening Chloe and I went to my bro. Johns for supper and spent the evening with him and his wife Jennie. That is 2 brothers and 2 sisters younger than me, who were all married and had children before I was married. John married Jennie Heap in the Salt Lake Temple Oct 3 1906. They now have 2 children, each of other 3 have 1 child.

"Jan 24, 1912 – The weather was mild and I took the work horse out to the farm and stayed all night at the Meeks farm. I returned the next day by way of John and Franks farms. When I got home I cleaned up and Chloe and I spent the evening with her Uncle Dave and Aunt Bell Woodruff. On the 26th I went to the Russell Coal Mine on the St. Marys River and got a load of coal. On the 29th I helped Frank shoe his team in the forenoon, then I helped Ackroyds thresh in the afternoon, the weather is still good.

"Feb 4 – Bro and Sis Woodruff came and spent the day with us. Feb 6th Amos and Stella Peterson, friend from Spring Coulee, spent the evening with us. The weather has been cooler the last few days. We spent Feb 11 with Woodruffs. Feb 12, Will Meeks came and took me out to their farm to build a stable for 12 head of horses and a hog barn.

"Feb 18 – I came home and went to church. Chloes bros. Lorenzo and Victor were there. We took them to visit Woodruffs and others that day. On Monday I went back to Meeks, and Chloe went home with her bros. to visit till I finished at Meeks.

"Mar 12 – Chloe came home from her visit with her folks. On Mar 15th I bought a bedroom suit and other furniture from Eli Bennett. I spent the next 3 weeks farming and planting with all the usual daily chores.

"April 11 – It was raining so I took Chloe out to my bro Toms to get a cow to milk. I found a 3 year old heffer that had just calved that morning. I brought them home but when I separated the calf from the cow, the cow was on the fight. I had to rope her and tie her in the stall to milk her. Chloe was always afraid of her, but she proved to be a very good milk cow. Father, mother, and my sister Florence Mercer went to Utah for April Conference, They expect to be gone for 3 months so Chloe and I will have the home to ourselves again."

The story of Neil and Chloe's family continues in additional posts. Five sons are born during the years the family lives in Magrath, Alberta, Canada. His military service is entered under the title, "Neil Snow Forsyth World War I (1914-1919)." Other records include the years the family lived in Cardston, served in WWII, the aging and death of first Chloe, and then, after a second marriage, Neil

*  2012 campground and area views at Little Bow, Alberta, Canada