• “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Dr. Suess

Friday, December 10, 2010


Almost every time I need to make a business transaction, or visit a doctor or other personal service provider,  I am asked for at least part of my Social Security Number. I am told that it is for security and identification purposes.

If I offer my Customer ID number or my account number I am informed those aren’t secure enough - even if I have given all the other identifying information ever requested for the account such as the password, my name and /or the names of family members, and my address/phone numbers I am still asked for this government assigned number.

Why is that?

You, as a company or business entity, expect my complete trust that you will vigilantly keep my information and privacy secure.  Are you telling me that your own account and customer numbers are not as ‘secure’? 

Are you telling me that your own account and customer numbers are less ‘valid’ than a government number almost universally requested?

That inspires my trust - NOT!

Hmmm – so why would I give YOU this ‘top secret’ number?

Frankly I do so regularly.
Because it isn’t - very secure or secret. 
And it makes my life less stressful.
And yours also, apparently.

Sometimes I refuse.  
It's just the way I feel that day - 
or maybe something you said or did.
You seem a little stressed.  

Isn't the ability and right to make choice like a wonderful gift? I can choose to give it to you or not - and you can choose to want my business or not.

Welcome to reality. 
Our family is really sorry to inconvenience you in this way. 
Really sorry. 

Is there anything else I can help you with today?
Have I satisfied all your concerns today?
How would you rate me as a customer today?

Wait I forgot - I am no longer your customer!

We sincerely hope you are satisfied. 
Is there anything else I can cancel from our lives? 
Oh, and btw,  thank you so much for waiving the termination of service fee. I will be sure to remember you charge one if I am ever tempted or compelled to use your business again. 

You may want to think about this - 
Have a nice day!