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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


In the last few months I have noticed we are behind technology -


I have been very, and successfully, resistant to changes that cost money. I have especially avoided anything beginning with the letter ' i '.

NOT INTERESTED - not in the slightest!

We knew we needed to upgrade to a 'smart phone' or become antiquated, out of touch, and definitely oblivious to the reality of the lives of many around us, so we began to price various models and makes available.

Way out of my price range!
Way, way out of doable.

But then along came the season's sales.
And what to my wondering eyes should appear?
You can guess, I bet!

The 'old' version of i-phone was priced at 99 cents.
Sure it required a new contract - so did everything else.
We ran up the white flag of surrender and acquired one.
Not two! One is quite enough to learn with.

Now we have some ideas what would be really nice.
I will keep learning to use my cheap version.

A short time ago my daughter blogged about
"When Ethiopians 'Hack' Android"
I am definitely not an Ethiopian child.
I like instructions.

I like to know what will or will not happen before I touch a button. That was the first steep learning curve btw - touch the 'screen' lightly. Do not press or hold stuff - at least not usually.

Please don't judge me when you see me using it.

It is the cheapest thing on the market.

I don't love it.

I don't hate it.

I am learning!

My New Year's Resolution is to be more Ethiopian.
I am 'touching' and probing and exploring.
I do keep bugging my kids though.
When ever I actually need to know something I ask.
Mostly they are helpful.

Sometimes they tell me to be more Ethiopian.
Or something like that!