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Monday, February 25, 2013


Sunday we did some family history.

Papa is so surprised -
He is 'deceased'!

(I edited for privacy)

Yep - Family Tree says so. 

And that dead guy appears to have no wife.

This kind of duplication occurs when someone adds a record
for a living person that is a member of the church. (see below). 

BUT - as for me - I do have multiple husband's.
(Well, actually just an extra I am not married to.)

And I have an extra child with my living husband.
Benjamin it appears you have a twin.
(You can delete him though.)
I wanted more kids but I wanted REAL kids.

And the deceased guy - there is no burial record.
Maybe I will check on Papa.
He's mostly gone to work the past week.

He stayed in bed last Friday but he is not still there!
And we haven't had a funeral or buried him ...

Well... he seems to be alive and molile.  
And, "As for myself, to me he doth not stink."
(Alma 19:5)

FYI: If you enter data (into Family Search or Family Tree) for anyone that is living and on the records of the church, you are creating duplicate records. If you have done that please delete what you entered. Only you can correct the data you enter. AND please do be careful what you input - have some proof and please do not 'guess'. Dead when you aren't can be funny - IF you have a sense of humour. Privacy is another matter.

Before you add data for anyone you should first search thoroughly to make sure they are not already in the system and not living. Church records are included in this data base so if they are deceased and were a member of the church they are already there. If they are alive you can not see that they are there because that is private information. Please do not add duplicates.

* Also, if you are not nearest kin please observe the promise you have made in your agreement to use the site that you will not do work for those you that are not your own family.