• “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Dr. Suess

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Latin is a fascinating language.

Perhaps not to you -
but you use bits of it every day ...
it is the base of many languages.

My daughter's fifth child is named Quinton. If you look up the roots of the name it comes from Latin and means fifth.  William Whitaker's Words is a great Latin look-up tool.

There are many interesting things that can be done to a name.  Some names have many nicknames.  Quinton doesn't.  But it can be written in hieroglyphics or spelled out with nautical flags just for fun. In school my art teacher had us make pictures using the letters of our names - that was intriguing.

What do you do with your name?

Grandpa Wallace Will Ames was nicknamed 'Bill'.  Papa can tell you some fun stories about nicknames and names - be sure to ask him about his father's nickname of Bill. That story is about what he 'did' with a name.

This year Quinton is 10 - that is double 5 - both hands - all your fingers ... or toes - take your pick.

I hope he has a very HAPPY birthday!

When you were 5 could you imagine being 10?
Could you imaging being so old?
At 10 can you imagine being 100?
Many people live to be that age?

If I imagine what life might be like when I am 100 years old and write it down today, how may things might I guess right and how many things would be totally wrong OR happen long before I am 100? I think I may go do that - write a letter to myself to be opened when I am 100 years old.

Want to join me?
What about you Quinton?

When you are 10x10 years old what will your life/world include? Where might you live? Will you be able to see and hear? Walk? Run? Will you be married? have children? how many? Will you have a car? How will transportation change? Will there still be schools? Will we still need teachers? doctors? librarians? policemen? gas? roads? refrigerators? stoves? beds? books? CDs? movies? How will our food change? What tool do you wish you could have?

And do you have any questions you want to know the answers to?