• “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Dr. Suess

Monday, October 24, 2011


This week we traveled to the Idaho Falls Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to attend the marriage of Mark.

Idaho Falls LDS temple at night 

About 12 years ago my son, Clarence, met Mark when our local church units (known as Wards) were reorganized.  We all made new friends as we began to attend church in the 5th Ward (instead of the 8th Ward) with many people we had not met before. The boys were in the same Priesthood Quorums and Scout Troops. 

Our son encouraged Mark to attend (and participate in) dances, parties, and many other activities youth enjoy. Mark encouraged our (more gregarious) son to think and plan carefully so consequences of decisions and actions turned out well for all involved.  

Boys can do that - strengthen and help each other!

We traveled hours through Montana, seeing the grand sweep of the Rocky Mountains and foothills,

deciduous leaves donning fall colors among the evergreens, 

and 'Big Sky Country' put on a variety show of sun and clouds with some light rain,

an unexpected rainbow 

and evenings lit by her starry expanses.

I marveled at the scope and the majesty of the world. 

The beauty of the temple at night, reflecting in the river,
 was across the street from our hotel.  

LDS temples reflect the majesty of great mountains. 
Their spires point our eyes and thoughts up - toward God. 

In Idaho Falls we spent some time looking at an exhibit in the Visitors Center of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints titled "The Healing Power of Jesus Christ". The exhibit contained sculptures by an artist originally from Columbia Falls, Montana - Angela Johnson.  I marveled at the scope and majesty the sculptor gave to her subject. 

One piece in particular moved my heart through deep emotions. It depicts a boy kneeling at the feet of God and his son Jesus Christ.  The sculpture tells of the glory of his answered prayer

Joseph Smith was only a boy. An ordinary 14 year old boy. He was taught to think. His mother taught him about God and the sacredness of God's word - the Bible. 

Joseph believed the truth he found in James 1:5 of the Bible.

It was simple.  
'If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God ...'

Asking God is prayer.

He prayed. 
He went to a secluded grove of trees, knelt and asked God. 
God answered.

I looked in the face of that sculptured young boy and found tears prickling in my eyes.  My grandson, Calvin, is 14 this week. Happy Birthday Calvin. I think you will enjoy the link to this gallery of sculptures and the artist's story and work.  

Joseph was 'only a boy' but his example of kneeling to 'ask of God' humbles me and bends my own stubborn, and sometimes careless, knees.  

That one act - that one choice grants me, and every other truth seeker, greater truth and more blessings and knowledge from God than has ever been known. 

An ordinary boy can do that. 
That is extraordinary!