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Friday, December 3, 2010


Winter arrived with several inches of snow.  It sifted down light and dry until a stiff north wind drove the dust like particles into icy temperatures lower than any November on record.

Then the real storm came: a few days later. Again that snow began dry and light but the sheer amount of it became heavy as sculpted drifts sank and packed, and as temperatures warmed that day the snow became large wet swirling flakes and many more inches even on level ground. 

After cleaning 4 or 5 " off the car I became brave enough to shovel and was amazed at the process.  Each narrow pass I made along the driveway felt wonderful as I breathed deeply of cool air, felt the work muscles can do and watched the continuing snow cover the car again before I returned indoors - at least David did not have as much to shovel nor was it as heavy for him.

My jacket and toque were soaked but it felt so incredibly good to do simple work that I almost cried - not quite though - I was too busy breathing and working, marveling at the wondrous gift I have of life and of my physical body. 

Hoar frost has decorated nature with a beautiful coat of white for several days so that we are living now in a winter wonderland .  

Today was a sight to see. The white furry coat has become 'hairy' - that's right hairy.
This is not on the evergreen - it is a normal thin stick twig. The frost has grown like sugar crystals in a child's experiment and narrow needles protrude everywhere. 

This morning it was very slippery and cold.

 The world outside

( including porch posts,


and sidewalks)

 was completely cocooned in an icy crust

with needles of frozen crystals growing.

The car was amazing.

Then it began to rain - except it wasn't really rain - it was a super fine mist.  The mist froze instantly as it touched down and the crystals became shiny sheer and almost dripping - but not quite -

at 28 degrees Fahrenheit they continued to freeze. If you click these pictures larger you can see the tiny drips on the tips.

I am really glad I learned to skate as a child.  I never knew though that I could skate in Sorel Pac boots. Never mind - I didn't know I could still skate at all.  I am as proud of myself today after that adventure of leaving the house as I was the first time I laced on blades and did not fall down, thump!

 [I never enjoyed skating because I don't like falling - frankly it hurts! The thrill of sliding and gliding couldn't quite outweigh the unthrill of not.  Ask me about skiing, though - what's to hate? If you fall down it is into a soft pile of snow - I LOVE it. ]

I took some pictures out there today.  

I just had to.

The sunflowers were amazing.  

birds have eaten almost all this one

In the fall we leave them standing as 'birdseed'

and love to watch
the busy little birds flit

and sit digging the seeds out of the heads.

Plain chain link fences were -



The trees were astounding.

I specifically noticed the forming buds

on our young trees.

 Sometimes it is best to resist silly rhymes - one never knows how silly silliness may become ...