• “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Dr. Suess

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Do not stop on such roads if it can be avoided.
Better to take pictures through a bug smeared window. 

I think every road out of this area goes through mountains. Some roads are steep and curvy; others are 'straight on until morning' freeways. We enjoy each trip and the variety of places and things we see. We loved this sculpture we saw in the middle of an Idaho Falls roundabout. We just HAD to make time to take pictures.

Roads can be newly paved, broad and smooth or under construction, narrow or rough.  Some have many interesting places to stop and things to see but some are so boring I am reduced to contemplating cows ... well maybe all roads have those sections.

 Each road has places like that ... the going is slower or a bit tedious. Some roads have known dangers or treacherous areas. Some have warnings - some do not.

Clarence's car 'tried on' a deer hood ornament in September

We saw a lot of deer as we drove through Montana and Idaho.
Cars do not 'wear' deer very well - sad for the deer and sad for the cars. David asked if I noticed that most of the cows we saw were black.  He speculated that maybe Montana cows are black so you can tell the difference between herds of cows and herds of deer - funny David!!!

Although some stops are needed for health and sanity, if a traveler stops often, or for very long at too many venues, arrival at a desired destination may be significantly delayed.  I suppose it all depends on what is expected and desired - what is the reason for the trip? to see the interesting things? or to arrive somewhere and be part of an event?

Idaho Falls temple with reflection

Am I going somewhere in particular or just anywhere, with no pre-selected destination?

We wanted to attend a wedding on Friday in the Idaho Falls LDS temple (and a luncheon afterwards in Rexburg), do and see as many other things as possible (yes I did get in some shopping), AND avoid exhaustion or any dangers that might tend to 'jump' into our path.

Rexburg Idaho Temple front view
We especially enjoyed going to the temple in Rexburg Friday evening. It is a very beautiful edifice.

Rexburg, Idaho temple side view 

Traveling and arriving on a schedule requires planning and preparation. When we make any mistakes, like missing a freeway exit or having improper directions, our trip has additional cost and takes extra time. We cannot travel north on US95 and expect to arrive in Idaho Falls. If we realize we are on the wrong highway or headed west instead of east we have some decisions to make.

A specific destination also means sacrificing some good things for other priorities - things we desire more.

As always, time in the car provided the opportunity for pondering that was not interrupted.  I thought a lot about a family and how it is like a journey - with thrills, easy times and hard times, distractions and even sometimes missed opportunities or changed plans. Each of our children has prepared for and planned their own 'destination' of choice - their eternal family.

Every family must travel their own road. It may be parallel to or intersect with others (or even join with them for a while before diverging again). We will each experience a unique trip but we all can 'arrive safely'. It was wonderful to be a part of the beginning of a new family this week.

I thought about how families begin, continue and how a family can bless every person in it.  We are a bit like travelers.  One of our sons arrived in our family along a bit of a bumpy road with lives hanging in the balance and has had some serious curves and steep inclines.  We often worried that his 'trip' might be cut short and grieved that he might not be blessed to have the joy of a companion and children.  We have been so pleased that his life now includes a spouse and children. His wife makes many sacrifices to help him be healthy and happy. He makes many to help her. They work together to help their children. 

Families are like that - we work and learn and play together.
We help each other along the road and share the wonders of it all. We are all traveling to a wonderful destination. There are times I ask myself where my road is going. Am I alert and prepared? Can I 'arrive' safely? What do I really want? Can I get where I want to be?

Where is your road going?