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Friday, December 28, 2012


This blog post is prepared from a history of Neil Snow Forsyth, compiled and arranged in 1996 by his daughter, Ruth Forsyth Horne (Robert), from his many handwritten and typed journals. It may be accessed at the LDS Church History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. We sincerely appreciate her work on these and other records as well as pictures she has shared. As much as possible she retained his spelling and punctuation. Many other family members have also shared memories and added details (noted individually).

Additional posts for Neil's history can be accessed by entering his name in the search box at the top left of this blog or by clicking on links within each post. We begin this chapter of his history near the start of 1963.  After Grandma Chloe passed away he spent Christmas in Salt Lake, Utah with his family and friends before moving into an apartment in the St. George, Utah area - the place he grew up near. Many of his extended family members lived close and he had kept ties with them through the years.

He recorded, "Jan 20, [1963] today was St. George East Stake conference and I went to the morning session, [Orvill and Tirza*] Hendrix asked me to have dinner with them. In the afternoon session Victor L. Brown of the presiding bishopric was one of the visitors at conference. As he was my neighbor in Cardston, he and my son Scott were pals, after the meeting I went up and spoke to him. He remembered me as his teacher in the Teachers Quorum in the Cardston 2nd Ward. He appeared glad to meet me and asked about Scott.

"Jan 27 – My brother Frank [Joseph Frank Forsyth b.1886] moved to St. George last week, we went to sacrament meeting together. One of our cousins, Ross Gardner invited us to dinner. A cousin to all of us, Emma Gardner Abbott had died and her viewing was Sunday night, so we went to the morgue to see her. The next day Rex Gardner, another cousin took all of us to her funeral in Mesquite [Nevada].

"Feb 1, 1963 – I am doing 11 or 12 endowments each week at the temple.

"Feb 20, Ross and Fern Musser * took me to Kanab,[Utah] where I spent the afternoon visiting old school mates till bus time, then I went on to Mesa. I got a room near the temple and cleaned up and went to the evening session, a young man came in and sat down by me, he slapped me on my leg and asked how I was. He seemed so friendly, I said I was fine and told him my name was Forsyth, he said, I have an Aunt Bell Forsyth Gardner, I said, she is my sister [Sarah Isabella Forsyth b. 1877]. His father was * Angus Gardner who married Mary Whipple. I knew them before they were married. **He and his wife insisted that I go to their home in Phoenix. I told them my sister Florence [Florence Ida Forsyth b. 1890 and Ammon Julina Mercer] had a daughter in Phoenix, and when I said Lawanna [Luanna M. Sorenson], he said she is my neighbor! The next morning when the Gardner children got up they called me grandpa. Ted and Gladys* [Gardner, from Phoenix AZ - see below] took me to the temple in Mesa [Arizona] again, and after the temple Lawanna met me and took me to her home and insisted I stay with them that night. I planned to return to St. George the next morning, but when Lawanna took me to [Ted and Gladys]Gardners for my briefcase, Gladys* had phoned a granddaughter of Bells, a brother in Mesa and Teds* brother, who all wanted to meet me, so I decided to stay another day. We visited with relatives all afternoon and evening. The next morning Feb 23, I had breakfast in Arizona, dinner in California, supper in Nevada and arrived in St. George Utah at 11 PM  and slept in my own bed that night.**

"Mar 3, I attended stake conference in the St. George Stake. During the week I do 12 or 13 endowments at the temple. Mar 10, I went to the St. George 6th Ward with Bro. and Sis. Steed. She was there with the Canadian Army. They took me home with them for dinner after conference, and kept me there visiting till after supper. Mar 14, I went and saw 'The Windows of Heaven' for its first appearance in St. George where it was filmed. It was a very good performance.

"Mar 17, Bell Gardner's grandson Ted and his wife were at the temple and after the last session they took me to Lund, Nevada. It rained on us all the way. We stayed with and visited relatives and the next night the Gubelers took me back to St. George. Mar 21, I went to Pine Valley and back with Ross Barton. Mar 30, I went with Irvin Hendrix and wife to Lund, Nevada, where I stayed with my niece, Sarah Gardner McKenzie* and family over Sunday. Monday, April 1, Hendrix took me to Salt Lake, and it rained most of the way. April 4, I went to Bountiful and visited the Mercers. Apr 6, I went to Hans Hansens funeral in the morning, then conference on TV at Ruths, then left for Canada at 6 PM with my cousin Golden Snow* from Raymond. We stayed in Blackfoot that night, then he took me right to Duanes in Welling the next day.

"Apr 9, 1963 – To-day I went to Cardston, to try to get my affairs in shape there. I went to 10 endowment sessions this week, and after the temple Saturday I went out to Garths and went to the Aetna ward on Sunday. Garth took me home after church. I spent Monday straightening things up around home, then went to all the temple sessions Tues, Wed and Thurs. Bryce and June came from Calgary Fri night and we went to the temple Sat Apr 20. Then I went to Calgary and went to church with them on Sunday. 

"Apr 22, I visited Charly and Della Timms*, and then stayed with Mylo the next two nights, then with Bryce the 24th and 25th. I went to mutual with them on the 26th and after mutual I went home with Hugh and Lila Stanford.* The next morning Lila’s parents, [John] Jack and Mary Oviatt * came and took me to Claresholm, and I went from there home on the bus. 

"Apr 28, I attended the Alberta stake conference in Cardston. Garth and his family ate dinner here with me that day. 

"May 15, I heard Gordon Cooper talking over the radio right after 6 AM. A few minutes later I heard him talking from space as he passed over the Canary Islands in his space craft, travelling at 17,540 miles per hour. He expects to make 22 orbits of the earth by 7 PM to-morrow, if all goes well. 

"May 18, Duane came and took me home with him and I went to church with them on Sunday in Welling. Monday morning Duane brought me and a trailer to Cardston and we loaded my deep freeze and bedroom suite on it and took them to his home. Several had been wanting to buy my home, but I wouldn’t sell on time, so I rented it to Max Anderson for a year. 

"May 24, Bryce, June and Matilda came down from Calgary to-night, Mylo came from Salt Lake the next morning. Duane and Verna picked him up in Lethbridge and brought him and a trailer here. Garth and Jean brought a trailer in from their place. I took one load and stored it up over Laidlaws store. We got everything else loaded in the two trailers and the four cars, and I turned the home over to Max Anderson. Duane and Garth took their loads home and I went to Calgary with the other boys. 

"May 30, I left Calgary by jet and flew to Vancouver, then on to Seattle. Ken picked me up at the airport and took me to his home. June 1, I helped Ken get moved into his new home. June 2, I went to church with them in the morning and went on the bus to Moses Lake in the afternoon. The following week, I hung 2 combination doors for Scott and built a roof over his patio. I will be 84 years old in August.

"June 7, the twins graduated with honors from high school with trophies for athletics and music. June 11, I left Moses Lake with Scott and Gladys to go to June MIA conference in Salt Lake. They were regional dance directors for the Washington and Oregon stakes for the dance festival at June conference. We all stayed with Bob and Ruth Horne while in Salt Lake. 

"June 15, 1963 – To-night we all went to the all church dance festival at the University of Utah stadium. There were 6,000 dancers and 30,000 spectators there that night. I met Pres. N.E. Tanner and his wife there, and we had a very pleasant visit to-gether. I went with Scott and Gladys to the Sunday morning session of conference and met Ted Gardner* from Phoenix there, and he said his children were still talking about how he went to the Mesa temple and brought grandpa home with him! 

"June 17, I rode to Brigham City with Scott and Gladys, they took off for Moses Lake and I got a bus for Canada. ** Coming home from Great Falls to Lethbridge the whole country looked dry and dead from drought, crops planted weeks before had never sprouted. I was told the Alberta, Lethbridge and Taylor stakes had held a special fast and prayed for rain. Sunday morning as I walked to church I met Joe Low and as we walked along he told me, he was on his way to Woolford last Tues. and as he passed Mr. Kienholz (an old farmer who professed no religion) he was drilling oats on land as dry as a bone. Joe stopped and asked him what he expected to harvest in that dry dust. He replied that he had heard the Mormons were praying for rain, so he thought he would plant. Two weeks later all the crops were growing and most of the farmers got bumper crops that fall.** [page 94]

"July 1, had good weather for the Raymond stampede and a good parade. Duane was the announcer for that. In the afternoon he was notified that he was to take command of the Boys Cadet Camp in Calgary the next morning, so he and I left Welling at 3:15 AM July 2nd and arrived in Calgary at 6:45 AM and had breakfast at Mylos. Duane was to command that camp in July and the Edmonton camp in Aug for the next three years. 

"July 6, I went to the Calgary Stampede, here I saw 'The Rocket Man' come over the grounds standing straight, not moving a hand or foot, and light down on the stage as easy as a bird. He did that every day of the stampede. I think in 20 years you will see people flying without wings or visible means. Verna came from Welling and the next day I went to Welling with her. 

"July 10, I went to Cardston and attended 4 sessions of the temple to-day and again on the 11th. July 12, Garth took me to his place and the next day I went to the [Ross Lake Community]pasture with him in his truck. He had a young horse he was breaking for Tex Rothe. Garth stopped the truck by the grainery and called to that horse, and he came to him. He caught another horse and saddled it and I went with him through 2 pastures, the first had 200 dry stock, the next one had 170 cows with calves. We found a calf with its nose full of pockeypine quills, he caught it and pulled all the quills out and turned it loose. It took us two hours to ride through two pastures.

"July 13, 1963 – This evening Garth and his family took me to the Snow reunion, in Henderson Park in Lethbridge. I stayed at Duanes that night. **For the next month I was back and forth between Duanes and Garths on the weekends and I attended the temple as often as I could.**

"Aug 6, I left Canada at 10:15 PM for Utah with Verna's sister Elva Smith. We travelled all night, and arrived at Ruths where she had her birthday dinner ready for all of us. **Including Duanes family, who had come in their car.** Verna decided to stay in Salt Lake, so Duane, Robert, Billy and I left at 5:45 PM Aug 8, to attend the Thomas Forsyth reunion Aug 9-10-11 in Pine Valley. On Aug 11 they had a big banquet and final checkup on all families.** Sun Aug 12, we went to Sunday school in the morning, then on to Grass Valley in the afternoon, then to St. George for dinner with Tirzah and Orvil Hendrix.* My brother Frank returned to Salt Lake with us. We stayed overnight in Beaver. Aug 13, we left Beaver at 6:30 and went to Nephi for breakfast, then on to Salt Lake and got to Ruths at 11 AM. We visited around Salt Lake all the next day. **We all returned to Canada via Yellowstone Park arriving home Aug 16.**

"Aug 24, I helped Victor Hatch run a walk to his front door and around to his back door. That afternoon Duane, Garth and families, Victor, Susan and I, all went to Woolford Park to celebrate my 84th birthday.

"Aug 25, was our Alberta stake conference. At the MIA evening meeting Garth was given a scroll and pin for having obtained more than 90% Era subscriptions for Aetna ward.

"Aug 30, Garth took me out to his place and I put a roof on his pump house while he was out to the cow pasture. The next day he took his family and I up to Dugway on Lee Creek. His boys caught a nice string of trout while there. Sept 1, Garth took me to Cardston to church then back to his place.

"Sept 2, Garth had built a big 3 bin grainery for Morris [Maurice] Bennett and had it just up to the square. To-day he and I cut the rafters, then got 2 helpers and put them up, closed the gables in and sheeted it with plywood and had it ready to put grain in the next morning.

"Sept 7, I took Victor, Susan and Sis. Code to the Roxey theater to see “The Swiss Family Robinson.”

"Sept 22, I went to church in Cardston 1st Ward. Scott called me from Glenwood, saying they would be here early Monday morning to take me to Moses Lake. They were celebrating Gladys parents 67th wedding anniversary to-day. Sept 23, I went with them to Moses Lake, along the way they were talking about a family in Moses Lake whose parents had died and now the children were having trouble over the estate. I told them I didn’t intend to leave them anything to quarrel over when I was gone. They said they didn’t want me to, they wanted me to enjoy what I had while I was there. Their twins were away at school, Cheryl at BYU in Provo and Yvonne in the church college in Hawaii.

"Sept 23, 1963 – **I told Scott I had heard of a tour from Seattle to Hawaii, they encouraged me to take it and surprise Yvonne. So I went by bus to Seattle and Ken made arrangements for my trip. Sept 30, Ken took me to the airport and I was in Honolulu by noon. I paid a taxi $15 to take me to the college in Laie. I first met some boys in the hall and asked them if they knew Yvonne. One of them did, and he told me to go around the corner to the left and I would find her in one of those rooms. As I passed the first door, I heard her say “Grandpa.” She got excused from class and took me to find a room, so I could leave my luggage there. Then we went back to the college and I arranged to get my meals at the college café while there. Oct 1st and 2nd I went to both sessions of the temple. Oct 3, Yvonne and one of her schoolmates and I went to Honolulu. We rented a new convertible for 24 hrs, then drove to the airport to confirm my return flight for 10:30 to-night. Then we drove to Pearl Harbor and several other places of interest. I felt very proud sitting between those two pretty young ladies. When it was time, they took me to the airport and kissed me good-bye and thanked me for the nice time they had with me.**

"Oct 4, Ken picked me up at the airport and took me to his place for breakfast. I helped him that day on a house he was fixing up for resale.

"Oct 5, Ken took me to the airport for the 9 AM flight to Salt Lake. When I got off the plane at 11:45 there was Ruth, Diane, Danny, Ken's Marilyn and Scott's Cheryl to meet me. I went to conference that afternoon and met Golden Snow* and arranged to go home with him. **The next two weeks I spent at Duanes or Garths while attending 10 sessions a week at the temple.**

"Oct 20, I went to Calgary Saturday night and attended church in the Calgary 1st ward. **I had heard of Raymond Lamarsh who had slept in the same tent with me in France. He now lived on Bella Bella Island north of Vancouver. He had written to me in 1961 and we had been trying to arrange to meet.** Oct 21, I landed in Vancouver at 12:10 and went to Lynn Burgess, and he phoned the hotel where Lamarsh was staying and I arranged to meet him at 10 o’clock the next morning. Oct 22, we visited till noon, then his son came and the three of us went to dinner and had a nice long visit. I visited with Lynn and family Tuesday. That evening his bro. Lyle came and visited, also his sis. Fay came and spent an afternoon. Lynn took me to Clifford Oviatts on Victoria Island and I stayed with them till Oct 25. Clifford took me to the bus station and I went to Seattle and stayed with Ken and family till Oct 30. I returned home to Cardston Nov 2nd. **The next two months I spent with Duane, Garth, Mylo and Bryce. All the while attending as many sessions of the temple that weather would permit. It was cold and stormy much of the time.**

"Dec 22, 1963 – I went to Duanes and stayed there for Christmas. Bryce and family came from Calgary and Garth and his family came over Christmas morning and we all had dinner at Duanes. Dec 26, all three families had dinner at Garths, then Bryce and Duane went home with their families. I stayed at Garths. Dec 27, Garth, Jean and I went to the temple, Duane and my two brothers, John and Frank were there too. I stayed at Victors to-night, then Garth took me to Welling on the 28th to get my things I wanted to take to Utah. He brought me back to Victors to stay overnite.

"Dec 29, Harvey Glines and wife came for me and we left at 8:30 AM for Salt Lake. There was snow and ice all the way. We stayed in Idaho Falls that night and went on to Salt Lake the next day.

"Jan 1, 1964 – My sister-in-law Rachel Forsyth took me to Bountiful and we had dinner with my sister Florence and her husband Ammon Mercer*. Later Ammon took me to Richard Hornes where Ruth and Bob were spending the day. We all had supper there then returned to Salt Lake. Jan 6, I went to two sessions in the Salt Lake temple to-day and one session on the 7th. Jan 8, I went on the bus to St. George. I got a room at the Liberty Hotel, then went to the 6 PM session at the temple. I saw Bro. Stewart and asked about his apartment I had last winter. He said I could move in the next night.

"Feb 14, Rex Barnard, my nephew, took his wife and I to see the old home of Jacob Hamblin in Santa Clara. There is an office desk in there that grandfather Thomas Forsyth made 80 or 90 years ago, there are several other old relics in the home.

"Mar 7, after the first session of the temple to-day Irvin Hendrix and his wife, took me and Ed Hendrix and his wife to Nevada. Ed and his wife stopped in Ely to stay with relatives, the rest of us went on to Lund. I went to my nephews, Peter G. Gardner and went to Sunday school the next morning with him. Then I went to dinner with Wayne Gardner, another nephew, and went to sacrament meeting with them. I went back to Pete’s to sleep to-night. Mar 9, I went with Pete to his farm to feed his stock. Mar 10, he and his wife Eleanor took me to Ruth, a gold mining town to see the dumps there. It was snowing so hard we couldn’t see much so we went on to Ely and saw the big hotel I helped build in 1906, then went back to Lund. (That hotel burned down the next spring.) I visited in Lund till Friday then went back to St. George with the Hendrix.

"Mar 22, we’ve had lots of rain, the apricots and pecans etc. are in bloom and it begins to act like spring. After returning from Nevada I attended the temple regular, also went to my cousins, Eva Starr once or twice to help care for her yard.

"April 1, I left St. George on the bus for Salt Lake, I took in conference April 4, 5, and 6th, then left for Canada with Bro. and Sis. Rice of Claresholm. I visited with Garth or Duane for the next two weeks till I got a room at the Chinook Foundation April 14.

"Apr 18, 1964 – Warren Jones took me to Calgary, I stayed at Mylos that night and went to church with them. The next day I had business with the land titles office and with the war vets. I stayed with Bryce that night. He had sold his home and is renting a house till the end of May. He plans to move to Utah in June, to go to school and take an accounting course.

"April 21, I returned to Welling and stayed at Duanes that night. I went on to Cardston the next morning. **Lots of moisture this spring, snow and rain. I’m still getting calls and doing small carpentry jobs.**

"May 16, I went to Calgary with Bro. Morton and stayed at Mylos that night. I went to church with them Sunday. Monday I stayed at Bryces, I did my business in Calgary and returned to Welling by bus. May 20, I went to a local concert with Duane and family this evening.

"May 22, I sold my home to Ellsworth Workman for $10,500, with 3,500 down, 3,000 for his small home, the balance of 4,000 on terms. May 23, I went to Magrath and visited Chester Miner, Earl Harker, George Thompson and wife and others. I returned to Cardston that night.

"May 24, I rented the Workman house to Barry Beamer for a year at $35 a month. I spent the next day fixing it up some. Then I did a small finishing job for Mrs. Able. It took me 4 days to finish and I asked Garth to come and pick me and my tools up on the 4th day. He and Jean came about 4 PM and I wasn’t through so Garth stopped to help me finish. Mrs. Able went out and asked Jean in, but she said she would wait in the car. She started telling Jean how fast I was and how well I had done the work. Jean asked how old she thought I was, she said about 65. Jean told her I was 85 in Aug, she was sure surprised.

"June 1, Duane took me and his family to Waterton lakes, where his son Robert is working at the Prince of Wales Hotel. We went after church, then back to Welling that evening. June 2, Duane took me to Lethbridge where I got on the bus for Seattle. I arrived the next morning at 5:30 AM, Ken met me and took me to his home for breakfast. I repaired his gate and fences, trimmed up his trees and planted garden. June 7, I went to church with them, then took the bus to Moses Lake, Scott met me at the bus, he and Gladys and I left for Salt Lake.

"We arrived at Ruth’s about 2 PM. We went to a MIA show on June 13, and attended conference Sunday the 14th.

"June 15, I had tried in Calgary to get excursion rates to fly to Wash. DC then to the World’s Fair in New York and on to London for 2 weeks and back. I had also applied to Ottowa for a passport to Europe before leaving Canada. Ruth made the arrangements with her travel agent in Salt Lake, but she wanted me to spend Father’s Day with them. I told her I would stay for Father’s Day, but I wanted to go to St. George to the temple that week. [This trip to St. George was the beginning of the next chapter in his life.]


"June 16, 1964 – I told Ruth I wanted to go to St. George so I could get in 4 sessions a day at the temple this week. I also wanted to see my 2 cousins, Eva Starr and Fern Musser. Neither of them was very well and I wanted to know how they were getting along.

"I had another reason for going to St. George that I didn’t tell Ruth. The two winters I had been in St. George there was a very attractive woman wheeling her mother into the temple. In Feb. the older lady got too weak to come to the temple and her son came and took her to a hospital in Richfield. The last of March I was going to Fern Mussers to get my mail after the temple. This attractive woman was just going home from the temple, so we walked along together till we got to Mussers. She told me about her mother in the hospital. Two days later I left for Canada, but I couldn’t get her out of my mind. I asked the Lord that she would be in St. George and He would make it easy for me to get a chance to talk to her, without making it too conspicuous.

"June 17, Ruth took me to the bus station and I went to St. George and got a room at the Liberty Hotel. I cleaned up and went to the 6 PM session, but she wasn’t there. June 18, when I went in the chapel this morning, she was there. I met her after the session, and she looked rather startled and said, “When did you come?” She asked how long I was staying, I told her two days. When I got changed I looked in the chapel, thinking I would ask her to have lunch with me, but she wasn’t there. After lunch I went into the chapel and she was on the last row, so I asked her if she would go to the prayer circle with me in the next session and she said she would. I told her I wanted to have a talk with her while in St. George. After the session—I met with her and we walked to her place. She invited me to stay for supper, but I said I had to go to see Eva Starr, but I would come back and go to the night session with her.

"June 19, we went to the temple the next morning and I took her to dinner. We went to 4 sessions that day, and I stayed with her till bus time that night. Her name was Ruth Rasmussen, she told me her mother had passed away in May, she would have been 100 years old Aug 10.

"**After her mother died Ruth went to Calif. to visit her 3 sons. While she was there, her niece Marva Black and her husband planned a trip to the Black Hills S.D. Ruth had a cousin in Lead S.D. and thought it would be nice to visit her. But when they came to get her she told them she felt like she should go to St. George. She had 3 or 4 boy friends and others urging her to get married. She had fasted and prayed one day about it and felt like this was what she was supposed to do. **I came that week, and when I talked to her about getting married, she said she knew that was the answer to her prayers. When it was time for me to go for my bus, we agreed to write to each other till I got back from England.

"June 21, 1964 – I had Father’s Day dinner with Hornes, Nora Hatch Ackroyd and her grandson Jack Wooley were here from Calif. and had dinner with us. June 22, I made screen windows and put them on the Horne house. I told Ruth about my intentions to re-marry. June 24, Rachel and I went to 2 sessions at the temple then went to visit Hosmer Dudley, a friend who was very sick with cancer. That night Bob, Ruth, Rachel and I went to the roadshow, put on by the 8 wards in their stake. June 25, **I left for Canada on the bus and spent time with Garth, Duane and Mylo. (Bryce had moved to Salt Lake.) I got travelers checks and had to re-submit papers for my passport.** July 8, I went to Lethbridge and took the bus to Salt Lake, I arrived 6:30 AM July 9, and went to Ruths. My passport had not arrived so I could not make final arrangements for my trip. That afternoon a call came from Ruth Rasmussen, she was in Salt Lake. I called Bryce and he took me to where she was staying. On Saturday some of her relatives took us up Echo Canyon and across the mountain and down Weber Canyon where we had dinner, then we came through Ogden and Bountiful to Salt Lake. By then we had made plans to be married in the Logan temple August 5, as that was the only temple open.

"July 12, my daughter Ruth invited Ruth Rasmussen for Sunday dinner, so they could get acquainted.

"July 13, Bryce took me to the airport about 5:30 AM, and I landed in Wash. DC 2:15 in the afternoon. I called Gordon Forsyth and visited with he and his brother Howard at my hotel, then Gordon and Nadine took me to their place for supper. The next morning Nadine came and took me sightseeing most of the morning. Then I flew to New York and spent the rest of that day and the next day at the World’s Fair. July 16, I left New York at 10 AM and landed in London 9:30 PM. I phoned the mission home and two elders came in a car and took me to the Garden Court rooming house where I got a room. I stayed in London all the next day. July 18, I went out to the English temple for 1 session, then went to Coventry that evening. I went to No. 8 Morningside where Stanley Sharp treated me royally. Sunday morning they took me to Sunday school, then went to Bro. Goughs with them for dinner. After dinner they took me to Bro. Geo Hunters where we spent a very pleasant afternoon. They were the only LDS couple in Coventry when I was there 55 years before. I went to the evening meeting and was the principal speaker. July 20, I took the bus to Birmingham but could find no one who was there when I was, so I went back to Coventry. July 21, Biddy took me sightseeing to see all the changes and places of interest. The next day we visited her sister Grace who lost her husband a few months before, she has a nice family of 5 children, Biddy has no children.

"July 23, 1964 – I went to Stratford-on-Avon and visited the Shakespeare home and the Ann Hathaway cottage which are still standing. I had visited them many times during 1908 and 1909. July 24, I returned to London after a very pleasant week in my old missionary district. July 25, I attended 2 sessions in the English temple then got a room at Edenbrook rooming house and spent the weekend there.

"July 26, I went to church in Crawley in a new $100,000 chapel that Pres. Hugh B. Brown had dedicated the Sunday before. July 28, I returned to London and got my ticket confirmed to return to Calgary by Transworld Air Line July 30th. I left London at 11 AM, we flew to New York, then Toronto and onto Calgary and arrived in Calgary at 10:05. Mylo came and took me to their home. July 31, I left Calgary at 6:30 AM and flew to Lethbridge. Duane met me at the airport and took me to Cardston. I went to the bank and the post office etc. and got my business all done. Aug 1, Duane, Verna and I left for Utah at 3:30 PM. We stayed at Whitehall Mont. that night and went on to Salt Lake Aug 2.

"Aug 3, we went to Provo and got Ruth Rasmussen. Aug 4, we got our marriage license and blood test. My daughter Ruth had arranged a dinner for the two families. There were 16 of us, Ruths son Edward and wife from Calif. her daughter and her husband Milton Snowball. Her granddaughter Darla Ray Snowball Gudmanson and husband. Duane and Verna Forsyth from Can. My daughter Ruth and husband Robert Horne, Bryce and June Forsyth from Salt Lake. My sis Florence and Ammon Mercer, Bountiful, and Ruth and myself made up the party. We all had a jolly time especially when the café people learned the party was for Ruth and I, not for her granddaughter and husband.

"Aug 5, we all went to the Logan temple, Ruths niece and her husband Marva and William Black came from St. George. My son Duane and Ruths son Edward were the witnesses. Ruths daughter, Mazell Starr from Provo was also at the wedding. After the temple session we took photos, then went to Brigham City and had dinner at a café.

"Aug 5, 1964 – After dinner, we said our good-byes and God bless you. Duane and Verna took Ruth and I to Nephi where we got rooms for the night. Aug 6, we went to Loa and on down to Teasdale to visit some relatives. Then we went back to Fish Lake where Ruth and I got a room at the lodge. Duane and Verna left for Canada. Ruth and I saw my nephew, Pete Gardner and wife at a picture show that night. They live in Lund NV and were in Fish Lake for the Forsyth reunion Aug 9th.

"Aug 7, after breakfast, Ruth and I went down to the docks and I got a man to show me how to run a motor boat, then I hired one for an hour. I run it backwards for a ways then turned it around, and got along better. I still had trouble turning it and once ran aground right where two women were bathing. I had to use an oar to push it off, but we had a lot of fun and we got back and docked right on the hour.

"Aug 9, we went to the Thomas Forsyth reunion, my bro John, his wife Jennie, from Cardston and 3 of their sons from Spokane were there. Others came from Idaho, Nevada, St. George, Cedar City and Wayne County. Wm and Marva Black came from Springville that afternoon and took us through Bryce Canyon, then over Cedar Mountain and on to St. George, arriving at 9 PM. We stayed at Blacks that night. Aug 10, to-day is Ruths 72nd birthday. We went to church with Blacks and Jack Durrant took our photo after church.

"Aug 11, Marva Black held an open house for us, then the next two days Blacks took us to Zions and Grand Canyon and we saw many wonderful sights. Aug 15, we rented no. 6 temple cottage and moved in. Aug 17, Blacks took us to Pinevalley and we spent the day in the shade of the pines. Aug 21, they took us to Greenlock to see an MIA play. Aug 22, Blacks took us to Provo, where we stayed overnight with the Starrs. Mazell took us to Salt Lake the next day to stay at the Hornes.

"Aug 24, my 85th birthday, Ruth Horne had a birthday party for me, Bryce, June and Bruce were with us and my son Scott phoned congratulations from Moses Lake. Bryce bought a four-plex in Salt Lake, his family lives in one unit and they rent the rest. He is attending the U of U. We stayed with Bryce till Sept 2, I remodeled some of his apartments while there at 125 T St.

"Sept 2, Kens daughter Marilyn married Bruce Wallin in the Salt Lake temple, they are from Seattle. Ruth Horne had a dinner for all of us after the session, then they left for their honeymoon. Ken, June, Ruth and I left for Canada at the same time, so we only got to Malad, Idaho that night. Sept 3, we arrived in Cardston this evening, Ruth and I got a room at the Cahoon Hotel.

"Sept 4, I learned Reed Pitcher had moved his family to B.C. and had left my motel and house vacant, but I found I could do nothing without a court hearing, even though two men were wanting to buy it, so I left it as it was.

"Sept 5, 1964 – Ken, June, Ruth and I left Welling at 6:30 AM for Moses Lake, Ruth and I stayed at Scotts, Ken and June stayed with Charlene Hansen. Sept 7, we arrived at Kens home, and I helped clean the yard, and plant strawberries. Bruce and Marilyn arrived on the 9th.

"Sept 10, a wedding reception was held in the Seattle LDS chapel for Bruce and Marilyn. Family and friends gathered from Canada and Moses Lake. Scott was master of ceremonies and he had Ruth and I stand up as a newly married couple. Sept 13, we took the bus to Salt Lake to visit Bryce and Ruth, then on Monday we took the bus to St. George.

"Nov 7, Earl Peterson and his wife took us to Calif. for the dedication of the Oakland temple, we visited Ruths sons, Boyd in Arlington, Edward in Upland and Carlos in Gridley. Nov 17, Maud and Carlos took us and Mauds parents to the 2 PM temple dedication. Then they took us to Sacramento where we caught the bus for St. George.

"Nov 25, Maynards wife Lavon came and took Ruth and I to the turkey plant where I bought a 20 lb turkey. Mazel and Karl Starr and children joined us for the Thanksgiving feast and we all stayed at Maynards. The next day he took Ruth and I to St. George.

Dec 25, Maynard took us to their place for dinner, the next day we spent calling on friends and relatives instead of sending cards this year.

**Our first winter to-gether in St. George was a fun time. We had many parties with groups of over 20 friends. We went trick or treat on Halloween with another couple. We visited the sick and the elderly shut ins. Ruth and I enjoyed attending the temple, averaging 15 sessions a week. They had seniors dances and parties that we attended regularly.**

Mar 31, 1965 – Blacks took us to Provo and we stayed with the Starrs till Sat Apr 3. Then they took us to Salt Lake where we stayed with the Hornes till Wed, watching and listening to general conference.

Apr 8, I arranged for Dick Sabey and his wife from Milk River, to take us to Canada. We had reserved a room at the Chinook Foundation. I found my property in Cardston in sad shape. Workman had not paid his rent, so I went to see him—he gave me $100 and agreed to pay the rest. The motel was still vacant and damaged. We had the repairs done, the court in Lethbridge cleared it for resale and on June 14, I got a check for $5,290.

**Ruth and I attended the temple regularly in Cardston and spent weekends with Mylo, Duane and Garth. In June we visited Ken and Scott in Washington, Ruth and Bryce in Salt Lake, Marilyn Wallin, and the Starrs in Provo.**

Aug 14, we went to the Thomas Forsyth reunion in North Park in Provo. Aug 15, the Starrs took us to St. George where we got our same cottage #6 we had last year.

Aug 24, we went to Provo with Blacks and stayed at Starrs that night. Aug 25, Ruth and I went on into Salt Lake and had my 86th birthday dinner at Hornes. We visited the Mercers in Bountiful, then spent three days visiting relatives in Provo.

Aug 29, 1965 – We returned to St. George with Blacks, many of the same people are in the temple cottages and we all get to-gether often.

Oct 6, we left St. George with Barkers and we went to Payson where we helped the Starrs for a few days picking 150 bu. of apples. Oct 8, Starrs took us to Salt Lake, we stayed with Bryce that night. Oct 9, Duane and Verna came with their son Robert, to put him in the mission home for a mission to Finland. Bob and Ruth are moving into their new home on Terrace Heights Rd. We stayed with Brienholz to-night. The next morning Barkers came and took us back to St. George.

Nov 24, we went by bus to Salt Lake for Thanksgiving on the 25th. We had dinner with the Horne family and Bryce, June and Bruce. We went to Payson and spent 2 days with Mazel then returned to St. George Nov 28.

Dec 24, Ruths son Maynard took us and his family to Payson to spend Christmas with the Starrs.

1966 – **In the first few months of this year, Ruth and I matched up several couples by inviting them to our group parties and the seniors dances. After 3 or 4 of them got married, we had the name of matchmakers!

April 3, the bishop called us into his office and told us because of our record attendance at the temple our ward and stake were leading the temple district. I had done 157 endowments in 3 months and Ruth did nearly as many.

April 5, we went to Payson and watched conference on TV there. Ruth was not feeling well but I went to Provo and visited 3 granddaughters there (Marilyn, Sherrie and Vonnie.) April 10, we went to Salt Lake and visited Bruce and Bryce, then returned to St. George Apr 11.

May 11, we left St. George with Blacks to do some visiting and go to Canada. They took us to Mazels and she took us to Salt Lake and left us with Hornes. It was Davids missionary farewell May 15, he is going to the Franco Belgium Mission. **Blacks took us to Idaho, Oregon and Washington, visiting our children and Garth, attending the temples along the way.**

June 14, I got my final payment from Workman on the house I sold him and on June 20, we got a room at the Chinook Foundation.

July 1, Dominion Day, we went to Raymond to the parade and stampede. July 9, we went with Duane to the Snow family reunion in “The Writing on Stone Park” on Milk River. July 11, we were in Calgary at Mylos and watched the stampede parade that morning. There was 32 bands, 4 tribes of Indians, cowboys, cowgirls, chuck wagons, etc. It was more than 4 miles long and lasted 4 hours. More than 200,000 attended that day.

July 15, a Bro. and Sis. Robinson from Kanab were at the temple and invited us to return to Utah with them. We stopped and visited with relatives in Bountiful, Salt Lake and Orem. Starrs took us to St. George July 23, and we got into our cottage July 25.

Aug 3, 1966 – We made reservations for a tour of the Black Hills which included Yellowstone Park, Spearfish, South Dakota. Our bus load went to the Passion play. We had a nice visit with Ruths cousin Blanch, her nephew gave us a personal tour of Lead S.D. which is a small mining town. Blanch had dinner for all of us.

Aug 10, we visited Mt. Rushmore, Hot Springs, Cheyenne, Denver, Golden, Glenwood Springs and returned to St. George Aug 15.

Aug 20, Ruths family all gathered for a reunion in St. George. The Snowballs from Oregon, the Gudmundsons from Salt Lake the Starrs from Payson, Boyd and Edward and families from Calif. Aug 21, we all had dinner at St. George Park, and all returned to their homes after dinner.

Aug 23, Ruth went to the radio station and asked them to announce my 87th birthday on the 24th, and that we would hold an open house from 6:30 to 9:00 PM. We had about 40 people come to our house.

Sept 10, Scott and Gladys surprised us at the temple to-day and stayed overnight in one of the cottages. We all went to the “Sugarloaf” for supper. Sept 24, we went to Payson on the bus, then Mon thru Thurs we picked 13 bushel of apples. I sorted the best 5 bushel and Mazel took us to Salt Lake where we gave them to Bryce, Ruth, Celia Clark (Ruths cousin) and 2 bu to Darla Gudmundson.

Oct 1, we stayed with the Hornes until after conference, then we went to Bryces till Tues morning, then left on the bus for St. George.

Oct 7, we moved from the temple cottages to a larger apartment. Oct 8, we left for Oakland with Bro and Sis Stucki. When we arrived at his sons place, we met his wife, she said she was my relative, she was George Seegmillers granddaughter. Carlos came from Gridley the next day and picked us up. Oct 12, Carlos took us into Oakland where we got a room near the temple at $1.50 a night for 3 nights. We did 13 sessions at the temple that week. Carlos picked us up Sat and took us to the airport. We flew to Las Vegas, then took a bus to St. George.

Nov 19, I bought a 24 lb turkey for Thanksgiving as Starrs and Maynards family are coming for dinner. We had 17 for dinner and Starrs stayed with us until Nov 26.

Dec 25, Christmas Day we went with Blacks over to Maynards and spent the afternoon. Maynard has a very talented family and they put on a very good program. During the holidays we visited many friends and relatives as we did last year. **Garth sent a letter to Dad this month with this note: Pres. Spackman said the only stake beating us in temple work is East St. George, if you’d come home it would turn the balance our way.**

Jan 4, 1967 – Mazel and Karl Starr came from Payson, they had Maynard and Lavon with them. Jan 6, the 6 of us left for Calif. We visited Boyd and family in Arlington, Edward and family in Alto Loma. The others went back to Boyds to stay, the next morning Edward and Dot took us to Los Angeles to the temple where Carlos and Maud were with their son Larry and his bride, Sherry Walton. After the wedding we went to Santa Ana for lunch and a reception in the evening. Boyd took Ruth and I home for the night. Jan 8, we all returned home and arrived in St. George at 9 PM. They all thanked me for paying for the expense of the trip, I thanked them and said we wouldn’t have gone if they hadn’t taken us, so we were all happy about our trip.

Jan 13, Victor and Susan came from Cardston on tour of the United States. Jan 14, they left on the bus for Mesa, where they will go to the temple and stay for a month. Then they are going on to Florida and New York and return home.

**In Feb we went to Calif. with a Bro and Sis Earl. We visited Ruths family and attended the LA temple. While we were there, Boyd took Ruth to an eye specialist in Riverside. We flew back to Las Vegas and took the bus to St. George. In March Ed Johnston and his wife too us to Payson. Ruth and Mazel made 3 new dresses for Ruth and made quilts from the left over fabric. While they were sewing, I visited Sheryl and Vonnie in Provo, Marilyn in Orem and Ruth and Bryce in Salt Lake. Ruth took me to Bountiful to visit my sister Florence.**

Mar 27, I got the bus and went back to Payson, then Ruth and I went home on the bus that afternoon. Jun 16, most of Ruths children and grandchildren gathered in Washington for a family reunion. June 18, we made reservations to fly to Calgary. We stayed overnight with Ruth, then visited with Bryce and June, before she took us to the airport.

June 21, Mylo took us to a BYU program in the stake center to-night. The next day we went by bus to Lethbridge, Duane came and took us to Welling for church. Mary and her husband had come from Calgary to have their 2 month-old son blessed. He was my first great grandson!

July 15, Duane took us to Waterton for the Snow family reunion. My little home had not been paid as agreed, so we arranged to move into it. Duane brought a bed of mine and a few other things, I bought a refrigerator, a rocking chair and some groceries and settled down in solid comfort.

July 27, 1967 – We took the long way to St. George, Duane took us to Kalispell, we flew to Spokane, Ken came and took us to Seattle for 2 days, then we took the bus to Moses Lake, where we stayed till Aug 6. Scott and Gladys drove us to Eugene Oregon where we went to church with Milton and Donna Snowball. They took us to Gridley and we stayed with Carlos that night. Dona took us to Butte Meadows the next day to visit Mazel, where they are staying till Karl finished school in Provo. Then they are leaving for Samoa where he will be sup’t of the church school for 3 years. We stayed with them till Aug 10, then Donna took us to Sacramento and we flew to Los Angeles, then Las Vegas, then took the bus to St. George.

Aug 11, we started packing our things and arranged for Verl Aldredge to take us to Cardston. We stopped overnight at the Hornes in Salt Lake and arrived in Cardston Aug 23. The next day we ate my 88th birthday dinner at the Chinook Foundation. Aug 27, was the Alberta stake conference, Mylo and family came from Calgary, Duane was in Edmonton at cadet camp but Verna came with a birthday cake and we all went to Garths for another birthday celebration and dinner.

Aug 29, Scott and Gladys came and took us to Duanes in Welling where we stayed overnight. Aug 31, Scott, Gladys, Ruth and I went into Lethbridge where we had dinner in the North Ward chapel with the singing mothers from all the Alberta stakes. They are rehearsing to sing in Oct. conference. We met many old friends and acquaintances. Then we went to Calgary, Scott left Ruth and I at Mylos and they went on to Edmonton. We visited and shopped in Calgary Fri. and Sat.

Sep 3, Mylo took Matilda, Ruellen, Ruth and I to Drumheller, 81 miles N.E. of Calgary where he was the HC speaker. That night we listened to the singing mothers give a concert in the recreation hall. Mon. was a holiday so I had to stay over to see the war veterans board. Mylo and Mat persuaded us to stay till Fri. They brought us home after school that night.

Nov 19, Duane, Verna and their 2 boys and Sis Nielson, Vernas mother, were here for dinner and we talked about going to the States for Christmas holidays. Nov 25, Mylo came from Calgary for the temple, Bryce and June came from Salt Lake to spend their Thanksgiving with Junes folks in Carmangay. They stopped here for dinner on their way back Nov 27. Dec 15, I got boxes and got some of our things packed for shipping to St. George, we plan to leave Dec 22.

Dec 21, Garth and Rex took some of our bigger items across the line to cut bank to ship on the Great Northern R.R. to St. George. Duane and Verna drove us to Utah where we had dinner with the Hornes Sun. Dec 24. Bryce, June and Bruce were there, Duane and Verna stayed overnight with Bryce. They picked us up the next morning to go to St. George, we moved into our apartment at Nelsons, even though our things had not arrived from Canada.

Jan 3, 1968 – We straightened out our account at the bank. Jan 5, we traced our shipment to Cedar City and Milne Truck Lines delivered it to-day. The cabinet that Mazel gave Ruth when they left for Samoa was all to pieces, so we filed a claim with Milne.

Jan 8, this morning Ruth said she would help me put the cabinet to-gether, so we went to work and by afternoon we had it as good as new.

Mar 4, Blacks took us to Cedar City to see Dr. Chatterley, Ruths eye specialist. We made an app’t for Ruth to have cataract surgery Mar 28. Apr 5-6-7, we stayed home for April conference and watched it on TV.

May 18, just as I reached the door of the temple this morning, I lost my footing and fell backwards down the steps, and I bumped my left hip on a step as I fell. Pres. Atkins was just inside the door and rushed out to help me. I told him I wasn’t hurt and I went in and did 3 sessions, but then I started having some sharp pains. May 26, I walked the streets from 3:30 AM to 5:30 AM trying to get rid of the pain. When Ruth woke up I told her we were going to Canada as I would not go to a doctor or hospital here. Blacks took us to Salt Lake, then Bryce arranged for us to fly to Great Falls, where Duane picked us up. The doctors found nothing wrong with me, just arthritis pain. While in Canada I picked up a check for the sale of my little home. I got some cash and put $3,000 into my savings at the credit union at 7% interest.

June 6, Scotts Cheryl was married in the Cardston temple to-day, so we were with the family all day Thursday, then Scott and Gladys took us to Moses Lake. From there we took a bus to Eugene, OR to visit the Snowballs. June 11, Dona took us to the airport in Portland and we flew to Cedar City. Blacks came and took us back to St. George.

July 24, Lucy Forsyth Phelps came and took us to Pine Valley where they were celebrating the 100th anniversary of the dedication of their chapel. The plank steps that were built originally had only lasted 37 years, the ones I built lasted 62 years.

Aug 12, we left St. George with Dan Schmutz for Salt Lake and stayed with Bryce overnight. We had arranged with Brienholtz to take us to Canada. **We visited with Garth, Duane and Mylo and did my business in Cardston and Calgary. We went through Banff, then down through Cranbrook and crossed into Idaho at Kingsgate. We stayed in Spokane, then on to Moses Lake for a visit with Ken and Scott. The next day we went to Caldwell Idaho and visited Ruths bro Ray and stayed overnight.**

Aug 24, Ruth Horne had birthday dinner for my 89th and we went to church with them on Sunday. Aug 26, Bryce brought us to Provo and Springville, where he had some business to do in both places. Then he took us to Nephi where we got a bus to Cedar City. The next day Dr. Chatterley examined Ruths eye, then Lee Forsyth brought us to St. George. Thus ended a very pleasant 15 days visiting with loved ones. We had travelled more than 3,000 miles.

Oct 22, 1968 – I watched on TV the landing of the space craft with the 3 astronauts who had been in it 11 days. It landed in the ocean, upside down and submerged about 5 AM. By 6 AM they had all 3 taken onto a helicopter and were flown to an aircraft carrier, where they went aboard all smiling happily. It was reported as the most successful space flight in history.

Oct 24, Blacks took us to Springville where we stayed overnight with Ruths granddaughters, Bonnie and Pauline. The next morning they took us to Provo where we stayed with Marilyn and Bruce Wallin and their 2 girls. Saturday they took us to Salt Lake to the Hornes where Garth, Jean and Rex had been since Thursday. Rex was going into the mission home Oct 28. Bryce, June and Bruce came over and Cheryl and her husband Miguel Avena came from Orem and Ruth had dinner for all of us and we spent a very pleasant evening to-gether, 19 of us!

Oct 28, we went to town with Garth and family to take Rex to the mission home. This was Garths first time in Salt Lake so I directed him to where we needed to go before taking Rex to the mission home. We then met the Blacks at Temple Square to go to St. George.

Nov 19, as we were going into our last home for home teaching, there was a sprinkler head standing 4 inches above the ground, I hit that with my foot and it threw me full length. The right side of my face hit the concrete walk, and skinned it quite bad, so I got up and went home, my companion went in alone, then he came over while Ruth was still bathing and dressing my face. She bandaged it and I went to the temple with the bandage on the next two days. It was pretty well healed over by Nov 27, and we left with Blacks to spend Thanksgiving with Ruths family in Provo. While there we visited the Avenas and the Wallins and Weltha. We returned to St. George the next day.

Dec 19, this morning I was going to the 7 AM session and it was still dark and I came to a car parked across the sidewalk. As there was only a trail in the snow from there to the corner, I went out on the street, where a truck was parked. As I went to pass it I didn’t get quite far enough away, and I could not see the frame of the side mirror, and I hit it with my head, which nearly knocked me down, but I went right on. I soon discovered blood running down my face, I used my handkerchief to wipe it until I got to the temple. The doorkeeper had some band aids and put one on just above my eye. I went through 3 sessions that day. When I got home my eye was real black, so I didn’t do any more sessions that week.

Dec 21, Boyd, Edward and Maynard and their families came for a couple of days. On Sunday we stayed home and visited, there were 14 of us for dinner. Dec 27, we went to a high priests party and danced all evening. This year I have done over 500 endowments in the temple.

Jan 20, we watched on TV the inauguration of Pres. Nixon. There were some very good prayers and talks. Nixon gave a good talk and said that we need more spirituality throughout the nation.

Jan 28, we left with Blacks for Mesa, Ruth and I stayed with my cousin Dan Seegmiller and attended several temple sessions. Jan 31, **After 2 sessions at the temple we all were invited to Brunsdales for dinner. After dinner Marva took us for a drive around the neighborhood. At an intersection as she went to make a turn a speeding car from the north hit our car. We spent the next two weeks in Mesa waiting for our car to be fixed. While there I had a visit with my grandson Rex as he was serving in that area.** Feb 14, we returned to St. George.

April 2, Blacks took us and Brunsdales to Pine Valley, Mt. Meadow, and Enterprise. We then returned to St. George by way of Snow Canyon.

April 11, Ernest Bastion and his wife drove us to Salt Lake. We stayed with the Hornes Fri and Sat and went to stake conference with them on Sunday. We visited with relatives until April 17, then returned by bus to St. George.

April 23, we left at 5 AM for Calif. to visit Ruths children and also went to Yucaipa to visit my sister Mary and family. April 29, we returned to St. George. Carlos and Maud of Gridley Calif. have been called on an 18 mo. mission to England, we offered to rent and take care of their home while they are gone.

May 26, we have packed our things and stored them at Blacks, now this morning we took the bus to Salt Lake to attend Robert Forsyths wedding. We stayed with Ruths brother Earl that night, then surprised Duane and all at the wedding the next morning. Later that week, Blacks took us to St. George.

June 2, we got our things loaded and left early the next day for Gridley, and arrived about noon June 4. We left our things in Gridley and went with Blacks to Nampa Idaho, and stayed with Ruths bro Ray. Ray said he would drive us to Canada for Roberts wedding reception June 7, but he was such a slow driver we only made it to Coutts by late Sat. Duane picked us up in Coutts Sunday morning and we went to church with them. June 9 and 10 I got my business done in Cardston and Ruth went to see Dr. Fred Spackman. He gave her a prescription for her dizziness. We left for Calgary with Bro and Sis Reed right after the last session at the temple. We stayed with them that night as it was midnight when we got there.

June 11, after breakfast, Sis Reed took us to Mylos, I got my business done in Calgary and made reservations to fly to Calif. the next day. Donna Snowball met us in Sacramento and took us to Gridley. June 13, I deposited a U.S. draft I had brought from Canada and Ruths check, in the Wells Fargo bank. June 19, we went to the Oakland temple for 2 sessions, we hope we can go quite regular. June 25, I picked the last of the apricots and planted 30 hills of corn. I water and weed nearly every day. July 12, I transplanted a patch of strawberries.

July 16, the Apollo 11 took off for the moon with Neil Armstrong and 2 other astronauts. We watched it on TV at 7 AM. July 20, at 1 PM we watched the landing of Apollo 11 on the moon, we watched them gathering rocks, it was about 5 hours when they made connections with Apollo 11 and got headed for home. July 24, we watched the landing of the astronauts in the Pacific Ocean. **We are enjoying peaches, nectarines, tomatoes and corn, we are not buying many groceries. We are attending the temple in Oakland when we can get a ride in.**

Aug 10, we had a birthday party for Ruths 77th to-day. Aug 11, Duane phoned from Oregon, they were coming to visit, then would take us to Canada for my 90th birthday. Aug 17, we headed for Canada, and went to Moses Lake and stayed with Scott that night and went on to Duanes the next day. **I did my business in Cardston and Calgary, then Mylo brought us back to Duanes. Aug 22, Ruth and the boys with their families all had supper in Waterton. The next day we had a program with more than 40 there, Victor and Susan Hatch were there too. Sun Aug 24, we attended stake conference in Cardston and then went to Victor and Susans for dinner. Scott and Gladys took us to West Glacier that night, then on to Spokane where we took a plane to Sacramento. Suzanne met us at the airport and took us to Gridley.**

**In Gridley, the members of the ward were so good to take us to the temple in Oakland each week. In Aug Ruth and I did 46 endowments out of 120 total for the ward. The Bishop encouraged ward members to do better. In Sept we harvested English walnuts, strawberries, corn, tomatoes, etc. We are also reading the Skousen books “First 2000 Years BC.”**

Nov 25, we took the train to Salt Lake, we visited with family and friends. Nov 27, we had Thanksgiving dinner at the Hornes with Bryce, June and Bruce, also Bruce and Marilyn Wallin and their 2 girls. We had a very pleasant day to-gether. Nov 28, the two Ruths and I went shopping at ZCMI. I got a suit, hat and overcoat (they got them for me) and Ruth got a white waist (blouse).

Nov 30, Oliver Brienholt came for us at 7:30 AM and we spent the day and night with them. Dec 1, we spent the day with Blacks at their grandsons wedding in the Salt Lake temple, then the wedding breakfast. In the afternoon we went to the church office bldg to visit Pres. Eldon Tanner. Bryce and June picked us up at 5:30 PM and took us to supper and visited with us till time to catch our train home.

Dec 25, Mazels two oldest children came from BYU to spend Christmas with us, while their folks are in Samoa. Boyd and his family visited us Dec 27th.

Jan 12, 1970 – A Bro Brown in Oakland offered us a small apartment for $3 a night so we could stay over in Oakland during the week. He takes us to and from the temple each day and we did 18 sessions this week. This way we get a ride in on Tues and a ride home Sat evenings.

Jan 19, Pres. David O McKay passed away yesterday in Salt Lake. He was 96 on Sept 8, 1969.

Feb 11, Wally Hyer is an ordinance worker in the temple and he told Pres. Byrne that some of my relatives would be at the temple Thurs. After dinner Thursday I was sitting in the lobby reading, when in walked Ken and June with Wally, and it nearly floored me. We all went to both sessions that night.

**A Bro Williams who lives in Concord took us to visit Nola Fagg. Her husband Harry sings and plays with a group and they put on concerts for miles around. They invited us to be their guests for supper, concert and a dance Fri night. We went and had a wonderful evening, they were as good as any TV or movie I ever saw, we even danced.**

May 7, Karl and Mazel Starr and their 4 children returned from Samoa, they were all here for dinner. They stayed with us till Monday, then left for Seattle, where he will teach. May 21, Mazels 2 youngest came to stay with us till their folks get settled in Seattle.

July 7, we stayed in Gridley this week getting ready for our trip. Boyd and his family will take us to Eugene OR for the Rasmussen reunion July 11. Then we plan to go to Seattle, Moses Lake and Canada.

July 18, there was a Forsyth gathering at Travis Smiths new home on the East Hill. Rachel and her 4 boys and 2 girls, John and Jennie and several of their family, Ruth and I and some of my family were all there. July 23, Ruth is not feeling well, July 26, I took Ruth to the clinic. The doctor said she had a bladder infection and gave her some pills to clear it up. Aug 6, Ruth is feeling some better, but decided she should go home. We flew from Calgary to Seattle where we visited with Mazel and Donna, then flew to Sacramento and Suzanne brought us home to Gridley. Aug 23, Patriarch Jensen and Bro Chandler administered to Ruth and I stayed with her all day Sun. the 23rd. About 5 PM she started with sharp pains again and we called Dr. Tilly. He took her to the hospital for xrays etc.

Aug 24, my 91st birthday I cooked my own chicken dinner. Aug 29, Ruth came home from the hospital feeling fine.

Sept 29, Bro and Sis Goucher took us to Salt Lake for conference. Mylo was there visiting Bryce and we stayed with Ruth. We watched conference on TV and spent a week visiting and attending the temple. We returned home with Gouchers Oct 11.

Nov 9, we were told that Mauds sister Beth and her husband will take over this home Dec 1. Blacks found us a place to live in St. George and Gouchers will take us south for Thanksgiving. We left with them Nov 23, and spent Thanksgiving with Ruths sons, then Maynard brought us to St. George Nov 29.

Jan 17, I finished reading the Fourth Thousand Years by Skousen. I have enjoyed reading all 4 volumes.

Feb 8, we moved into a nice trailer home, the owners are on a mission and wanted us to take care of it for them. Mar 6, Ruths knee and ankle are swollen and have been bothering her for a few weeks now.

April 4-5-6, we watched conference on TV, the Blacks and the Brunsdales had dinner with us on Sunday.

May 9, Maynard and his family came and had dinner with us, then took us over to Washington Ward for the primary childrens Mother’s Day program.

May17, Marva phoned that they would be going north on Tues, so we got everything ready and went with them. They took us to Provo and we stayed with Ruths granddaughter for 2 nights. Then Blacks took us to Salt Lake where we stayed with the Hornes 2 nights. We met the plane from England May 21, with Carlos and Maud on it.

May 22, Duane and Verna came to Ruths before breakfast and were on their way to Provo, so we went with them and spent the day at Larrys with several of Carlos family and heard about their mission.

May 23, this evening Duane and Verna came and got me to go to Canada. Ruth was not feeling well so she returned to St. George with Blacks. **This is the story told by Ruth: she told Neil she would not go to Canada this summer. When he reminded her that she had promised before they were married that she would travel wherever he wanted to travel. She replied, when we were married you said you were old and might not live more than a year or two, now you have lived 7 years and I’m tired of going to Canada.**

May 24, while in Canada I had my annual physical, the doctor said I was about the same as last year, no problems. I visited and stayed with Garth, Duane and Mylo. May 31, I left Calgary by plane for Salt Lake. Bryce picked me up at the airport, I spent the night at Hornes, then took the bus to St. George. I found Ruth feeling better when I got there.

June 8, Blacks took us on a trip to Durango, then to Mesa Verde Park and we saw the ancient cliff dwellings of an Indian tribe.

June 25, 26, 27 – Ruths boys and their families were in St. George for a reunion, some of them as far away as Virginia.

Aug 16, Frances Gardner came at 11 AM and took us to Salt Lake. Here we visited with Ruth and Bryce and Earl Spencer, also attended several sessions at the temple. Aug 25, Scott and Gladys, Ken and June came from Moses Lake, and on Sunday we had 25 at ruths for my birthday.

Aug 30, Ruth and Bob brought us back to St. George and we went to the 5 PM session. Aug 31, we all went to Pine Valley, then came back through Snow Canyon, they had dinner here, then left for Salt Lake.

Sept 11, 1971 – We went to Salt Lake and visited Ruth and Bryce and families and Ruths bro. Earl Spencer. Then he took us to Ray Spencers in Idaho. I needed to go to Canada so I arranged for Scott to pick me up in Poulson and we left for Cardston Sept 25, they took me to Garths then they went to Glenwood to visit Gladys folks. I attended the temple on Tues, Wed. I got my business done, then Garth took me to Duanes that evening. We left for Utah after school on Thursday, and arrived Friday morning at 9 AM. They went to Provo and I attended conference in the morning then went to Earl Spencers and watched the afternoon session on TV. Oct 3, Duane and Verna, Bob and Dixie and their little girl and several others had dinner at Hornes. Oct 4, I went to see the ear doctor in Salt Lake, then caught the 6 PM bus for St. George.

Nov 2, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Jonson took us for an evening at the recreation hall of the federal bldg. for a movie and dance, we had a real nice evening.

Nov 13, to-day at the temple they held a centennial convention with Pres. Joseph Fielding Smith, Harold B. Lee and N. Eldon Tanner and most of the general authorities and local church leaders. Ruth and I met them as they were coming out of the temple, to go over to the stake center for dinner. Pres. Tanner was the first one we met and Ruth took a photo of him and I. We took 9 photos and the last one was of Apostle Hugh B Brown talking with me at the dinner table.

Nov 25, we had Blacks here for Thanksgiving dinner, then Maynard and his family came and spent the evening with us.

Nov 30, Clive Butler and wife, Parley Broadhead and wife, Travis Smith and wife Bell (my niece) were at the temple. After the last session Sat. Travis and Bell came to visit us.

Dec 19, about 8 AM Mylo phoned me from the bus station, he had just arrived from Salt Lake where he had been visiting Bryce and Ruth. Then he called the Durrant photo shop and Bro Durrant brought him down here. They did photography to-gether in Canada in the 40’s. Dec 20, I took Mylo to visit the Blacks, Snows, and Seegmillers, then Mylo left to catch the bus for Salt Lake.

Dec 31, we went to see a picture show in the federal hall then danced the old year out and the new year in!

Jan and Feb 1972 – We attended the temple regularly, visited with Maynard and his family on some weekends, and shared good times with all our friends and neighbors.

Mar 13, Blacks took us to Vegas and we flew to Ontario where we stayed with Boyd and his family. Mar 20, we flew to Salt Lake, to visit with Ruth and Bryce. Ken and his family came from Moses Lake to bring Weltha to the mission home, for a mission to California. Mar 24, the Forsyths, the Hinmans, Wallins and Hyers all went to the Salt Lake temple with Weltha for her endowment.

Mar 25, 1972 – We left Salt Lake to fly to Calgary—we encountered snow and a short delay in Great Falls and arrived in Calgary about 4 PM. Neil and his lady friend were there to take us to Mylos. The roads were all blocked with snow, so we stayed in Calgary till Friday, then Mylo drove us to Cardston. We rented a home close to the temple and we moved in April 5.

June 6, a Bro Nash, a convert from the eastern States here doing temple work and genealogy, met us as we were coming home. He said he was looking for a place to stay till there was an opening in the Chinook Foundation. We took him up and showed him our front room with a bed in it, he paid us $30 for 2 weeks rent and board, he nearly talked us to death for 12 days!

June 23, Ken and June came from Moses Lake and stayed with us. July 1, Scott and Gladys came, then Garth and his family came in and we all went to Waterton and had chicken dinner. July 4, Bob and Ruth came and took us to Waterton. July 5, Duane and Verna, Garth and Jean and the Hornes all went to the temple with us. July 7, Bob and Ruth returned from the Calgary Stampede and had dinner with us, then returned to Salt Lake.

July 22, Mylos son Neil was married in the Alberta temple. Then we went to the Snow family reunion, with Duane and Verna at noon. Then to Neils reception and dance in Champion that night.

July 23, we left Cardston and went to Moses Lake to visit Scott and Ken, then to Oregon to visit the Snowballs till Aug 11. We went to Gridley with Donnas family for the Rasmussen reunion, then back to Puget Sound Aug 13, with Mazel. Aug 23, we went to Moses Lake to Scotts, Garth and Bryce and their families came for my 93rd birthday party at Scotts on Aug 26th, there was only 33 there. I gave each of my 4 sons a father’s blessing before leaving. **Scott recorded the blessings on his tape recorder.** Aug 27, Garth took us back to Cardston.

Sept 2, Duane took us to Salt Lake to the Hornes. Sept 4, Monday was a holiday so Ruth and Danny took us to St. George. We had dinner at the Sugar Loaf. Then we went to the new temple cottages and rented No. 6. Then we went to Bro. Olsens where our things were stored and with his truck we moved. Ruth and Danny helped us and we were all settled in with groceries and all by 4 PM, when they left for Salt Lake.

Oct – Ken and June brought Charles to the mission home in Salt Lake for his mission to Germany. They heard I was down with the flu, so came right down. Oct 15, they took me to the hospital where they gave me a couple of shots and by Oct 22, I was feeling better.

Nov 20, Johnstons took us through Santa Clara to the Jacob Hamblin house, then through Bloomington and back to St. George in the evening. The next day I left St. George with them to go to Salt Lake. I stayed at the Hornes that night. The next day Ruth took me to buy a humidifier for our cottage. (She thinks this will prevent my colds). Nov 25, Johnstons took me to Canada, where I saw the doctor and did my business then returned to St. George Dec 7.

Dec 24, 1972 – Bryce, June and Bruce came at noon and took us sightseeing through Bloomington, then drove us to Pine Valley and back. They stayed over and Christmas morning we went up Zions Canyon and through the tunnel to Mt. Carmel and back to St. George for dinner.

Feb 10, 1973 – Scott and Gladys came about noon with Ryan, on their way home from South America, where they had been to bring Ryan home from his mission in Brazil. They only stayed a few hours then left for Salt Lake.

Feb 24, Ruth Horne brought my sister Florence down and they stayed overnight with us and went to SS, then had dinner with us and went back to Salt Lake. Florence is my youngest sister, she will be 83 June 14.

Mar 25, Duane and Verna and Cindy came and stayed overnight with us. They left for Provo the next morning where Cindy will go to BYU.

For Jan, Feb and Mar I did 286 endowments.

Apr 5, Bro and Sis Perry took me to Salt Lake to the Hornes. Bryce arranged for me to fly to Great Falls and Garth met me there and took me to his place. April 11, I went to see Dr. Fred Spackman, he gave me some ear drops as I had infection in my right ear. Apr 15, Duane took me to Great Falls where I took a plane to Salt Lake. Apr 19, Marilyn and Bruce Wallin brought Ruth from St. George. Her bro Earl along with Ray then took us to see her family in Provo and Salina, then brought us to St. George.

May 27, Ruth was passing blood in her stools and was getting very weak. I wanted her to go to the doctor but she wouldn’t. Then I gave her a blessing and asked the Lord to heal her as I didn’t want to lose her. In about a half an hour, her countenance changed and she seemed to be fine. We feel the Lord is on our side and we are very thankful for His blessings.

June 15, Bryce and June came from Salt Lake and took us to Pine Valley and back. After supper they returned to Salt Lake. June 21, Ruth saw the doctor to-day as she is still feeling quite weak, he said she has high blood pressure and gave her some pills to bring it down. This week Scott and Ryan came for a few hours. Also many of Ruths children and grandchildren have visited us.

July 2, Bruce and Marilyn Wallin came to visit to-day. July 4, we went to a program in the Sugar Bowl. July 5, Blacks took us to Hurricane to buy apricots, then Sat we put up apricots all day.

July 21, the East St. George Stake held a program and supper at Pine Valley for the high priests and their wives, there were about 40 present.

July 26, 1973 – Mylo came from Calgary and we went to Pine Valley on Friday and had dinner there in the pines. Mylo went on to Flagstaff AZ Saturday and returned Monday. He went to the temple with me then he left for Salt Lake and Calgary.

Aug 24, Bob and Ruth, Diane and her boyfriend, Bruce and Marilyn and children were all here for my 94th birthday. They returned home Saturday by way of Zions Canyon.

Oct 2, Ken and June came from California bringing Weltha from her mission. I left with them for Salt Lake. They took me to Hornes and I watched conference on TV Friday. Saturday we left for Moses Lake. Oct 11, a bro and sis Merkley took me to Cardston then to Duanes to stay the night. The next day I saw Dr. Russell, then stayed at Garths. Oct 15, there was 32 at Duanes, they sang Happy Birthday to me and Happy Anniversary to Garth and Jean for their 25th. Oct 17, I flew from Calgary to Salt Lake, then on the 20th Bryce brought me to St. George.

Nov 8, we took the bus to Fillmore for Maynard to take us to Calif. to visit Ruths family. They are arranging to meet in the Oakland temple Nov 9 and 10. Nov 11, we left Edwards at 7 AM for St. George.

Dec 15, Bob and Ruth came and stayed overnight.

Jan 12, 1974 – Garth and Jean came and stayed overnight. Jan 13, Van and Diane Jackson came in on his big truck from taking a load of gas to Las Vegas, we had a nice visit then they went on to Salt Lake. Garth and Jean took us on a tour of Bloomington and the red cliffs to get a good view of St. George. We visited Blacks in Ivans, then up through Snow Canyon to Diamond Valley to see the three big volcanic cones, and we went up across the Santa Clara creek to Vale. Monday Ruth and Jean shopped, then we went to the Sugar Loaf café for dinner. Then we went through Hurricane to Laverken to visit Lucy Phelps. They left Tuesday to go to Provo then home.

Jan 17, Scott and Gladys came and stayed a few hours, then went on to Provo to stay with Ryan. They will go to the Salt Lake airport and fly to Porto Rico on their first stop on a tour of several of the Pacific Islands

Mar 1, the temple closes to-day and will be closed for 20 months for renovation and the film presentation. We plan to visit all our children and go to as many temples as we can during the next year and a half. Bryce came to see us and to take us to Provo, we paid for a room at the Provo Best Western motel for three weeks.

April 18, we went to Ryans wedding in the Salt Lake temple and in the evening Ruth took us to Provo for Cindy Forsyths reception, she was married in the Provo temple that day. April 19, Duane took us to Welling, then we stayed with Garth that week.

April 29 we arranged for a room at the Chinook Foundation. Garth and Jean took us shopping to buy material for both of us a suit to match and Ruth a red dress. Jean made them all in a week.

May 5, 1974 – Ruth woke up with a bad cold and high fever, the doctor came and took her to the hospital with pneumonia. She was there 5 days and fully recovered. May 12, Garth and Jean came with their family and took us to the BAR-K2 ranch, the church farm where Tim works.

May 23, Parley Christensen took us to Calgary to Mylos and we stayed overnight. Matilda was in the hospital and we visited her, then we went over to Neils and had supper. I got two 4 generation photos. A bro Roberts brought us back to Cardston the next day. May 31, Garth and his family took us to Moses Lake. We all stayed at Scotts that night and went to Kens for dinner the next day. June 3, Weltha took us to Starrs, west of Seattle where we stayed until June 19, then we flew to Salt Lake. June 22, Bryce and June brought us to St. George and we got settled in our same apartment.

July 6, Duane and Verna stopped for a short visit then left for Los Angeles for business and visiting relatives. July 20, I left on the bus for Salt Lake, Tues I flew to Great Falls where Duane met me. July 27, Duane took me to Magrath and had an open air car for the Veterans Day parade. He had a large sign on each side of it with “Sgt Neil Forsyth- Magrath veteran 1914 to 1918.” The police and the Magrath band led the parade with our car next, and we travelled the full length of Magrath and back, with the crowds clapping and cheering for us all the way.

Aug 8, Duane and Verna took me to Salt Lake for a Thomas Forsyth reunion at Lehi Aug 10. Then Ruth brought me to St. George for my wifes birthday. I gave her a card and a lap robe present. Ruth and I went to Manti for her grandsons wedding Aug 14, in the temple there.

Aug 24, my children all phoned me for my 95th birthday, Ruth and I spent the afternoon and evening with the Blacks and the Johnstons.

Oct 4, Bob and Ruth came this evening and stayed overnight and took me to Salt Lake. Bryce phoned Mylo and had him make a doctor app’t for me, I flew to Calgary and the next day to doctor. Took x-rays. He said I had a balloon full of water on my kidney and if I was a younger man they would operate. The next day Duane, Verna and JD left with me for Salt Lake. I stayed overnight at Bryces and the next day he and June and Bruce took me to St. George. Duane and Verna went to Provo to take Cindy back with them.

Oct 18, Lucy Phelps came and spent the evening with us. Oct 22, we went to a dance and party in the federal bldg.

Nov 18, we flew to Sacramento to spend Thanksgiving with Ruths family. Carlos brought us back to St. George Nov 26. Dec 25. A bro and sis Meker came and took us to dinner and we spent the evening with them. Ruth and I got $105 cash from our children and Donna sent Ruth a dress, Ruth Horne sent her a dress and me a shirt and a bottle of dry skin lotion. Dec 30, Boyd came with a U-haul and loaded our things in it and took us to Calif. He got settled in a temple cottage in Los Angeles.

Jan 22, 1975 – As I came down from the 8 AM session a man stopped me and said, you are Neil Forsyth, I said yes. He said I am your nephew Conrad Oviatt. He and his wife came to our apartment to visit.

Feb 28, we packed our things to return to St. George, we took the bus to St. George and Marva had a man there to help us with our things and took us to our cottage.

Mar 29, Bryce and June came and took me to Salt Lake, I flew to Calgary and stayed at Mylos. The next morning Neil took me to Cardston, here I took care of my business and visited with Garth, then returned to Calgary. The next day I flew to Salt Lake and April 5, Ruth and Bob brought me to St. George.

May 31, a lady told us about a bus tour to the Washington DC temple. I sent in my $100 deposit and told our folks we were going. Duane phoned Ruth and they decided he should take us rather than have us go on the bus. June 25, we flew to Salt Lake and on to Great Falls the next day. Duane took me to see Dr. Roy to be sure it was all right for me to travel that far. We stayed at the Cahoon Hotel for two weeks.

July 15, Duane and Verna drove us to Great Falls, then we flew to Washington, DC. Gordon Forsyth picked us up and took us to their place. The next day we got in 3 sessions at the temple. The next day Nadine took us sightseeing and in the afternoon we went to stay at Howard and Zellas. They had a nice home with a swimming pool. We all went swimming that evening and stayed two nights with them. They had bushels of raspberries and I picked and ate my fill. Saturday July 19, we flew back to Great Falls. A wonderful trip and visit with very little expense, thanks to my good relatives and Duane and Verna.

July 20, 1975 – We went to church in Welling, then left for Moses Lake on Monday. We stayed with Ken till Friday, when they took us to Salt Lake. July 25, Hornes had a party for us with about 45 present. Aug 2, Ruth brought us to St. George.

Aug 10, Blacks and two ladies came in for Ruths 83rd birthday, Ruth and I were the speakers in sacrament meeting.

Aug 24, my 96th birthday and many came by to compliment me. Blacks took us up Zions Canyon to-night.

Sept 2, Bryce and June came and took us to Salt Lake. We stayed at the Hornes until Sept 6. Then we flew to Great Falls and Garth came and took us into Cardston. Sept 22, Garth took us to Moses Lake, Veral Starr took us on to Puget Sound, here we stayed until Oct 7. Then we visited Snowballs in Oregon, Carlos in Gridley, then he and Edward took us on their fishing trip to the Grand Canyon, then they took us to St. George.

Oct 16, we toured the remodeled St. George temple. Nov 11, we attended the dedication of the temple here. Nov 22, Ruth and Bob came from Salt Lake and cleaned our carpet, they really did a good job of it.

Nov 24, I was feeling fine all day and went to our family home evening meeting. After the meeting we returned home and as I opened the door I turned dizzy and fell full length on the floor and could not get up. Ruth was able to help me up and put me to bed. Then she phoned Ruth and Bryce. They got here at 8 AM the next morning and took me to Salt Lake. Bryce got a doctor and he said I could fly to Great Falls with Bryce going with me. Garth and Duane met us in Great Falls and took me to the Cardston hospital Dec 6th.

Dec 13, Ken and June, Scott and Gladys came from Moses Lake, Garth, Mylo and Duane were all there, they took me to the temple in a wheelchair for the sealing ceremony of Tim and Karen and their two children.

Dec 19, I was well enough to go to Garths and stayed till after the new year.

Jan 16, 1976 – Ken and Weltha came and we went to the temple Sat. then left for Moses Lake. Jan 29, they took me to Salt Lake and spent the night with Bruce and Marilyn. The next day Ruth Horne had dinner for Ken and June, Bruce and Marilyn, Bryce, June and Bruce. Jan 31, we went to St. George. Feb 2, Ken and I put in shelves and drawers etc. so Weltha can live with us and help take care of us. She arrived Feb 5th.

Mar 1, during the month of Feb I did 33 endowments. I have lived longer than most men and I have had many marvelous experiences in my life, that have strengthened my testimony of the truthfulness of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Mar 5, Ruths bros. Earl and Ray came with their wives and the Blacks to visit us. Mar 15, Weltha took us up Zions Canyon and we went through the long tunnel on the road to Panquitch.

Mar 26, 1976 – Ruth and Dan came and stayed overnight. She showed us her Hawaiian slides to-night. The next morning we all went to the temple, Dan was asked to work at the veil. We enjoyed their visit very much. As soon as we got out of the temple they left for home. Mar 29, Weltha took us to Maynards in Kanosh to-day. April 1, Marva Blacks husband passed away in the hospital to-day, he was 87 years old. Another dear friend of ours, Ed Johnston, passed away two weeks ago at the age of 65. April 6, I went to the temple this morning. After the session Cannon Gardner and his wife came to visit us.

June –**Early in June, Dad and Ruth decided they didn’t need Weltha, so she found work in St. George as a nurses aid.**

June 23, Garth came with Scott and Wilfred to take me to Canada. We left for Salt Lake and had supper at Ruth Hornes, then left for Cardston. Garth had me see Dr. Van Ormen and he sent me to the hospital. Garth takes me to church on Sundays and I have dinner at his place, then I go back to the hospital.

July 12, a brother Stewart who lives by Della thought he and his wife could take better care of me at their home. I could now go to the temple and they fed me well and treated me royally for two weeks.

July 24, Duane and Verna came and took me to their place, on Monday they took me to Elva’s. The next Sunday I went to church with them, then we went to Garths for a while. July 29th, Duane took me to Dr. Taylor in Raymond, after x-rays and extensive tests he couldn’t do anything for me. Aug 6th, Duane took me to Garths and on Monday I visited Dr. Roy Spackman at the Cardston clinic. Aug 16, Duane took me to see another doctor but he couldn’t do anything for me. I like Dr. Roy Spackman in Cardston and I will see him when I need a doctor. To-day we got word there was a room at the Grandview nursing home and he brought me right up. They gave me a large private room, I’ve been pleased with their service and they give us physical exercise every day.

Aug 21, Garth came to take me to the temple for Ruellens wedding, he surprised me by having Ruth with him, she had flown in from Eugene, Oregon to Calgary on Friday and Mylo brought her down here to see me.

Aug 24, my 97th birthday party was at Kimball Park. Some of Ruths children and grandchildren were there, with some of my family too. We had a bonfire and sang songs and had a good time. July 25, Mylo took Ruth back to Calgary to fly back to Donnas in Oregon.

Sept 5, I went to the closet to get my Sunday suit without my cane, I fell, got up and fell again. Doc. Roy came and gave me a pill and a shot. I didn’t feel well the rest of the day. The next day the doctor gave me some stronger pills that helped some.

Sept 15, 1976 – Scott took me to St. Michaels Hospital in Lethbridge for more x-rays and tests for 2 days—then I went back to the nursing home. Sept 18, Mylo and Matilda visited me. Oct 3, Garth took me to Glenwood and I stood in the circle to bless Rex’s baby. Neils son Wade was blessed in Calgary the same day. Oct 9, Neil and his family came to see me about 11 AM. They took pictures and visited again after dinner. A few of the nurses are very nice to me and treat me good. Some of the others think I should do everything for myself no matter how long it takes me.

Nov 18, Bro. Stewart came to take me to see Dr. Roy. On the way he stepped on the brake right quick, just then I saw a man fly passed our door. He dropped by the front wheel. Bro. Stewart jumped out, I couldn’t do anything to help. The police then took me to see Dr. Roy. He gave me some pills, and I went back to the home. I layed awake most of that night thinking about the man that got hit. I found out later it was Owen Strinham and he has a broken leg.

Nov 20, Duane came in to the temple, then came to visit me, Della comes frequently to visit me. Nov 26, Bob, Ruth and Bryce surprised me to-day with a visit, and will be here to-morrow. Oh how I wish they could take me back with them, but I know I need to be near my doctor. We had a good visit both days. They stayed with Garth and Jean while here.

**Dad’s health seemed to deteriorate after Bro. Stewarts accident. Soon after that he was transferred to the Cardston Convalescent Hospital, where he received nursing care 24 hours a day. Mylo, Duane, Garth and families visited him regularly, as well as Della, Victor, Susan and their children. Ruth Rasmussen was living with her children and did not get to Canada again.**

He passed away peacefully April 17, 1977.

** indicates summaries or comments by Neil's daughter, Ruth Forsyth Horne

Orvill and Tirza Gardner Hendrix: Tirza is the daughter of Neil's older sister, Sarah Isabella Forsyth Gardner. Her husband, Orvil is the son of Edmund Allen Hendrix (1855). Tirza's younger sister, Alice Snow Gardner (1917) married Shirley W Hendrix (1917), the son of Orvil's brother Edmund Allen Hendrix (1882).

* Sara Gardner (1913-1997), daughter to Neil's older sister Sarah Isabella Forsyth Gardner, married Roderick Vance McKenzie 1 June 1932. 

Roscoe S Musser, born 1884, married Leila Fern Seegmiller, born 1885 to Charles William Seegmiller and Mariamne/Minnie Forsyth - born 1848 to Thomas and Isabella (Donald) Forsyth. Minnie is Neil's father's younger sister. 

Re Gardner cousins: 
Robert Gardner (1819-1906) had 4 wives, and many children. 
Although many ties between the Snow, Forsyth and Gardner families are not known the following are able to be documented -
Robert Gardner (1819-1906) and Jane McKeown  
md about 1839 in Iowa. 
Two of their sons married sisters to Neil's mother Sarah Sophronia Snow. 
  Reuben Gardener (1857-1945) married Lucy Almira Snow.  
  Hyrum Ozro Gardner (1862-1943) married Maryetta Snow (1863-1942) in 1883
  this couple have a son named Rex Gardner (1893-1978 spouse Nettie Whitehead)

Robert Gardner (1819-1906) and Cynthia Lovinia Berry
md 5 Aug 1851 Salt Lake City, Utah 
Three of this couple's children married children of William Snow, 
   grandfather to Neil Snow Forsyth. 
Royal Joseph Gardner married Chloe Louisa Snow, 
   a sister to Neil's mother Sarah Sophronia Snow.
John Alexander Gardner married Celestia Snow, 
   a daughter of Ann Rogers and William Snow.
Robert Berry Gardner married Bernella Elizabeth Snow,
   also a daughter of Ann Rogers and William Snow.

Robert Gardner (1819-1906) and Mary Ann Carr
md 20 July 1856

Robert Gardner (1819-1906) and Leonora Cannon 
md 1863
 Mary Alice Gardner, the 1st child of this couple 
    married Jeter Snow, a son of Ann Rogers and William Snow.
*George Cannon Snow Gardner, the 2nd child of this couple, 
    married Neil's older sister - Sarah Isabella (Belle) Forsyth - 
    the granddaughter of William Snow and Sally Adams.
 Franklin Cannon Gardner 
 Lizzie Cannon Gardner
 Susan Leonora Gardner
 David Cannon Gardner
 Rhoda Ann Gardner
 Leonora Emma Cannon Gardner
*Angus Cannon Gardner (1882-1957) md. Mary Whipple. Rex Gardner * may be their son, Angus Rex Gardner (1919-2001). Ted may be their son Edgar Marlo Gardner (1924-2002) and his wife GladysMary Hammond (1928-1992).

*Jonathan Golden Snow of Raymond is the son of Orrin Henry Snow (1869-1948) and Ella May Burgess (1873-1908). Orrin is the son of William Snow and Ann Rogers.

*Della Hatch [Timms] is a step-sister of Neil's mother, Chloe. She is the daughter of Thomas Hatch (1862-1951) and his second wife, Ona Jane Pearce (1877-1941) - a sister to his first wife Viola Melissa Pearce. Della married Charles Thomas Timms 30 June 1937.
* Mary Elizabeth Hatch [Oviatt] (1890-1977), a younger sister to Neil's mother Chloe, married John Fredrick [Jack] Oviatt (1882-1966)  in 1909. They had 8 children. Lila Josephine Oviatt (1917-2002), their 5th child married Hugh Trusler Stanford (1914-1993).