• “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Dr. Suess

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


A friend posted a link to a you-tube video that tickled my funny bone titled "Secret to Happiness is to Be Thankful"

I feel like that when I use my cordless or cell.
In my hand! In my pocket!

I feel just like that when I go on an airplane.
I AM FLYING - in the air - I love it! Every time!

Also as I sit here and type out this blog on the net.
HI MOM! I love you Grandma give me a kiss -
I can see you AND talk with you.

Miracles and wonders are a part of every day, every day.

My house has fingertip temperature control.
My bedroom, as a child, had frost on the roof - yes inside!
On the slope of the attic over our heads.
Mom had no trouble keeping us in bed at night - it was warm there.

And getting up? We made a dash to grab clothes and run downstairs to stand  over the furnace. That was a miracle too. Early every morning my father built up the banked coals (below the 3' square floor grid) in the furnace in the basement that created heat by burning wood and coal - yes - real fire - with smoke and ashes. If the fire went out or the chimney malfunctioned we knew what a wonder that warmth was - not to mention a father who faithfully day in and day out kept it burning. He even got up and stoked it in the night when Canadian winters were exceptionally harsh (temps lower than -30 degrees F). Usually banking it for the night saved fuel = money.

He was a wonder - but I often tell things I remember about him and mom.

And of course we got up - we wanted to eat.
If you stayed in bed you missed breakfast.
And that mattered even if it was 'mush'.
We were grateful to have food.
Treats were, well - treats - not everyday but an event.

Today I am counting blessings again.
 One by one x1x1x one x one by 1 by 1 x 1 . . .