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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Every day of life is another miracle.

Have you ever considered what a miracle taking a breath is?
Breathe in - deeply, now out ... long and slow.
Feel your lungs ...

Eating AND digesting food is an incredible miracle!
Try it ...

Consider the process of chewing and swallowing food.
Consider where that food goes and what becomes of it.
Consider the marvelous machinery inside your body.

Now that is definitely miraculous.

I have learned much about miracles and the blessings, gifts and powerful love of God from my son, Benjamin. He is a real miracle. His life is a miracle - still - every day. Twenty nine years is an amazing length of time for daily, minute by minute, hour by hour miracles.

fall 1986

I have witnessed genuine miracles since prior to his birth.

Brigham Young taught about gifts and miracles from God. He said that miracles are extraordinary manifestations of the power of God that may not be readily discerned by 'unbelievers'. He said, "The gift of seeing with the natural eyes is just as much a gift as the gift of tongues. The Lord gave that gift and we can do as we please with regard to seeing; we can use the sight of the eye to the glory of God, or to our own destruction.

"The gift of communicating one with another is the gift of God, just as much so as ... any other gift, though sight, taste, and speech, are so generally bestowed that they are not considered in the same miraculous light ...

"We can use these gifts, and every other gift God has given us, to the praise and glory of God, to serve Him, or we can use them to dishonor Him and His cause. ... These principles are correct in regard to the gifts which we receive for the express purpose of using them, in order that we may endure and be exalted, and that the organization we have received shall not come to an end, but endure to all eternity.

"By a close application of the gifts bestowed upon us, we can secure to ourselves the resurrection of these bodies that we now possess, that our spirits inhabit, and when they are resurrected they will ... endure to all eternity." 
Chapter 34 Teachings of the Presidents of the Church Brigham Young

Thanks Benjamin for helping me learn what a tremendous miracle you are, I am, and that each of us and our senses and abilities are.

as an adult with his first child

And happy birthday.
We are so grateful for every birthday.
Not only yours but everyone's -

Isn't a birthday one of the greatest of miracles?