• “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Dr. Suess

Friday, February 15, 2013


This morning I watched a video about happiness at work .
The speaker's name was Steve Achor.
There are dozens of other perspectives.

Mr. Achor suggested we can train our brain to better and more positive mental health just like we train our body to better physical health.

He suggested that if we look for 3 new things we are grateful for every day for 21 days, that our brain will retain a pattern of scanning the world for positive things first.

He claims that when we are aware of positives in the present we become happier and more able to achieve (and do better in) most things we attempt.

That suggestion was the first of 5 suggestions that can help us rise above the 'average' and become more positive in the present.

His 5 suggestions were:

   3 Gratitudes - see above

  Journaling - if we journal one positive experience that occurred within the last 24 hours it allows us to retain and relive it.

  Exercise - teaches our brain that behavior matters

  Meditation - helps us get over 'cultural ADHD of doing multiple tasks all at once - it allows us to focus on the task at hand.

  Conscious / Random Acts of Kindness - i.e.when you open your inbox write one positive e-mail thanking or praising someone for a kindness or support.