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Thursday, September 28, 2017


HEY COACH, What next ...

If you are thinking of a sports coach, think again.

This semester, learning Family Life Coaching skills that strengthen individuals and family relationships is an adventure. Volunteer clients will be clarifying objectives and exploring new options as we learn to make firm decisions, move past obstacles, and become accountable to act on choices.

Family Coaching, like all coaching professions, promotes confidence in the application of existing and acquired skills. The process is about developing goals you choose, defining your measures of success, and having coaching support to provide encouragement, focus and accountability.

Coaching is about you taking action to get where you want to be through personal exploration, goal setting, and consistent effort. A family coach provides reassurance and courage for today, with the impetus for you to focus forward on future aspirations and objectives.

Services offered by student coaches have no fees (even though typical fees, for professional family and life coaching services, vary in the range of $50 to $150+ per hour.

A pilot coach-training class, beginning September 2017, is accepting volunteers willing to receive short term services from mentored coaches-in-training. The services are provided on-line or face-to-face as available.

If you are willing to volunteer to help train new family coaches by receiving services without characteristic coaching fees, please text
Linda Ames at 509-760-8719
(or e-mail

Please contact me if you have questions, or need more information.