• “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Dr. Suess

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Kurri did you just turn 29 again?

I am guessing you don't fit that category.  Besides that would mean you still haven't had all your kids yet! So I am guessing you love being the age you are. I love being the age I am.

I hope you do too.

Canadian women live longer than most other women in most other nations including the USA. Granny Bohne lived to be 105.  You have only lived a third that long.

Imagine all the wonderful things you have to look forward to.  You may be able to imagine things what might happen in the next 1/3 of your life.  I predict that you can't even guess at the things that will happen in your world in the last third.

When I had lived about a quarter of my life I heard many jokes and much trash talk about becoming old at age 30.  I saw lots of 'black mourning' for those 'over the hill' as they were teased about being 'old'.

I realized I have a different perspective.  I do not look back with longing - I looked forward with longing.  I do not envy teenagers. I envy grannies.  I am amazed at all they have done in their lives and all the things they know. I can hardly wait to be like them.  I still can hardly wait for tomorrow ... what will I learn and get to do next?

When David's father was in his 70's he used to say that 'old' was 10 years older than he was.  Looking ahead, 100 still seems a long way off to me.

Happy Birthday,
enjoy this day that celebrates all you have been,
all that you are now,
all you may become -

It is such an open book,
a sentence without a period,
an exciting future ...