• “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Dr. Suess

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I-don't get it!

I do not understand why anyone pays for an i-anything.
i-don't get it.
i-don't even care - at least not a lot.

i-do wonder.
I wonder about how differently minds work.
I wonder why mine does not seem to grasp i-anything.

What is the big deal?
What is all the fuss?
Is it all just an attempt to look 'cool'?
Or i-ntelligent?
Or i-nteresting?

OK - I will stop now.
There is no substance to the hype.
There really are better, more convenient products.

And it has taken me less than 30 days to figure this out!
Maybe it is the excessive proof reading for correct text.
Maybe it is my instinctive dislike for anything less than discreet -
NOT that I succeed on that point much.

An i-phone does a few tricks, if you can learn them, and then remember them. And otherwise is less functional, and much bigger and less convenient in every way I can find to use an electronic device. There are so many products with more useful, less hassle, less expensive applications - and some of them are intuitive. There really truly are - and a few of them will even fit in your pocket.

Especially if you think like I do - WITH CAPITAL I's.

And I saw one recently that does not have buttons placed in ridiculous configurations and positions that cause every few letters to back space or delete (therefore encouraging auto correct to engage ad-nauseum).

AVOID i-everything AND APPLES!

BTW: I developed an allergy to apples (the kind you eat) a few years ago. I find it somewhat ironic that when I see the 'apple' logo (that all i-products so mandatory display prominently) that I can feel the warning tingle on my tongue and tightness in the back of my throat - Thanks Apple for the warning logo. The reminder that ALL apples are deadly to me personally, body and mind,  is sincerely appreciated!