• “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Dr. Suess



Oh, sweet memories.
Oh! Oh, bitter painful memories.

I hope memories here help find, relive, and pass along joy.

I desire most, a vacation from today's work and woes, strength to face tomorrow's sorrows and ultimately peace and prosperity (physically, emotionally, and spirituality) now and always - for each of us. For each and every one of us.

What is real?
What is wishful?
What is invented?
What is fiction?

What is fact?
What is not?

To answer these questions larger questions must first be asked. 
'Who' must precede or follow each question and at some point   'when' and 'where' must be explored.
To 'whom' is what real or wishful - or not?
'When' was 'what' enacted or invented and 'where'?
'Who' considers it fact or fiction?

Well ... you begin to see. Circumstances vary greatly and are interpreted through many filters. Perhaps the largest question of all ultimately grants the greatest understanding - 'why'?

'Why' takes us straight to the heart of motive and desire.

With such tools compassion may more readily be exercised and searching questions more truly answered (if an answer is being sought) as you, and even I, travel this precarious road carrying our own views with their accompanying preponderances and prejudices.

What is our motive?

As we take these excursions I desire that joy may be found and lived, and found and lived, and found and lived yet again.

I desire that we may examine carefully and defuse mine fields that seem to always lay in wait, tripping us unexpectedly.

I especially desire that along the by-ways of ups and downs, as we cross pleasant streams and meadows and pass over mountains and through valleys that we may be wary on the pinnacles of pride, staying far from cliff edges over which any adversary may push the incautious.I desire that we may safely cross the sloughs of despondency or self depreciation and pity, the treacherous though well traveled river of grandstanding, and particularly the accursed sandy traps of despair and fear.



 Even the most terrifying landscapes may have hidden beauty and poignant truths to teach.

Most of all have fun.
 If it is not fun don't do it. 
If you must do it make it fun.