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Saturday, November 27, 2010


" ... for which I would spend money"

Today is sunny and beautiful outside.
This morning was snowing but the day warmed and cleared.

I was wishing I had a snowman.
I knew better than to build it myself.
I have spent my energy
(and much of David's too) on carpet cleaning.

While David ran an errand 3 young boys came by.

shoveled area and boys after being paid
They are the same ones I keep asking to stop using my yard as a shortcut.  They promise but eventually the temptation is too great and they cut through again.

(Don't worry I ask everyone to please go around - I don't pick on them.)

They seem nice enough - they did ASK if they could have apples.

(We made sure to give them a large bag full when the apples were ready.) We are so grateful to have enough to share.

But boys will be boys! These three are pretty fun.  They don't know I have informally adopted them.  I hope they can learn to stay out of trouble.  When I caught them picking the flowers I gave them a bouquet.  I told them to always ask - that was before the apples.  I was so pleased that they did ask! Many more things to be thankful for there.

They wanted to know if I would pay them to shovel my snow.
Ironic since David keeps it cleaned off but today the fresh snowfall, half an inch or so, was melting on the step and driveway.

snow left after they were done
I looked out, told them there is not very much snow, AND that I don't have very much money either but I would make them a deal (seriously I only have 5 one dollar bills and some change of my spending money until pay day). If they would clean off the snow - I would loan them our shovel so it would go twice as fast and 2 of the 3 could be shoveling - and if the 3rd boy, and youngest, would build me a snowman and sweep the front step then I would give them a dollar each.  They think they got a good deal! It took them less than half an hour including the snowman.

I think I got a good deal.

I bought myself a small snowman for $3.75 (he's out there looking at me through the window right now - it is looking at the house not the street) and as a bonus got my step swept and 'some' of the snow off my driveway - they shoveled the way most young boys shovel - a little here and a little there but I got a snowman! I even suggested a carrot for the nose and gave them one along with a .25 tip for being such good sports and so nice to a crazy old lady. Their shovel was pitifully little but the biggest boy asked me why ours was so big and heavy. *snorting laughter* David finished clearing the snow in a few swift passes when he returned.

snowman on lower right 

He noticed the snowman. It might have been missed but there was no way to miss the trompled snow replacing the pristine wind carved drifts he has been admiring all week.

I am sure I couldn't go to the local stores and buy a better yard decoration - especially not for the price.

2 satisfied parties for one deal -

and later I saw them cut through the yard with their older sister, - or a baby sitter, - or cousin or maybe their mother ... I can't tell - age is so hard to tell anymore.

[There are babies of course, and older toddlers; and younger and older children; teens and young adults; adults that must shoulder the cares of the world and think they know enough to do so; then those that have some grey in their hair and may not have a lot of 'sproing' in their gait or their attitude anymore; and lastly those with papery thin skin, failing eyesight or hearing, and frail shuffling steps.]

I know where I fit into those categories and where some of you fit in but you might not agree. My oldest daughter definitely is a youngish adult *giggle* but I think her 16 year old would place her into the beginning of the grey hair category.  I know she doesn't belong there because I am hardly there myself *snicker*- it is her birthday here at the end of November. Happy Birthday, deary!

This woman was younger than her.  (I think that is why I couldn't judge her age.) The 3 boys proudly pointed out the snowman that they built to her, as they cut through the yard!  I told them earlier that it is OK to come in the yard to build snowman anytime they want to.

I still think I got the deal.

Why didn't I think of kids earning their spending money that way when I had kids? They sure shoveled a lot of the white stuff!

Never mind - back then people would have thought they were crazy and told them to 'go fly a kite'. I bet that now many people would pay kids to build snowmen in their front yard.  Please let me know if any of your kids make it to college on these earnings - I'll be very surprised - but happy - I'd be happy for them.

And it would be a good service project for a group - don't you think that would be a blast?

So what if everyone thinks we're goofy - we are -
and lovin' every minute of it!