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Friday, February 3, 2012


You were named after your maternal great grandfathers, Clarence Shelton and William David Campbell. On the pedigree you also have a paternal grandfather,William Henry Ames and many other William ancestors as the generations recede into the obscurities of great great (Charles William Buttars/ Warren William Campbell) and great great great (William Snow/ David William Campbell/ William Augustus Toman/ William Austin / William Stewart/ James William Huckins), and great to the nth power grandfathers.

Imagine our surprise when a good friend of your Grandpa Ames told us his name is William Clarence Bowden. He is your Aunt Jill's father. We just knew him as Bill.

I intended to call you Matt but it just wasn't you.
You WERE Clarence.

Just like your brother was Benjamin - not Ira.

When your Grandma Kit learned what we had decided to call you she was determined that you would be able to say your own name. Many children can not say the letter 'L' or else say it with a lisp. Each time she saw you she would repeat over and over to you, "Cla-la-la-la,  I la-la-la-love you."

Try to say that without your tongue being visible.
Go ahead try it.  You can't do it.
At least not audibly.
And certainly not the way she did.
She wanted you to see and mimic her tongue.

You thought it was a wonderful game and even as a tiny baby loved to stick out your own tongue and try to mimic hers.  As a child you always loved silly and funny games - wait - I don't think you ever grew out of that! You learned to blow 'raspberries' before you could even sit up.

And in spite of your sometimes goofy and 'laid back' attitude

you have always shown that you will 'go far' and accomplish whatever you put your mind to.

Cub Scout Arrow points almost to the hem, all the Weeblos pins,
and notice the 'knot', 'panda', and 'arrow of light'.

Your nickname naturally became Clala - often followed by "I lalalove you". And you were our most demonstrative child.

Thanks for your fun (and funny) loving ways.
We still la-la-la love you and always will.

And enjoy your birthday present.
Even if there is something 'fishy' about it.

You are likely one of the few kids in the world that might think fish is a fantastic birthday dinner. Happy Birthday! How soon do your insurance rates go down?? LOL