• “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Dr. Suess

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Soon you will be 9 years old.
That is 4 more than Benson -
and on the same day too!

It can be fun to share a birthday.
I hope you have a happy day.
Can you tell me 9 things you like to do with your brother?

You are lucky too because you are old enough
to do things that a 5 year old cannot do.
I know you can.
How many things can you tell me that you can do that you couldn't do when you were 5? Can you tell me 9 things?

If you make 9 piles of 9 things,
(I suggest jelly beans or maybe chocolate chips
but your mom and dad may suggest rocks or dirty socks)
how many things do you have all together?

If you use jelly beans then you can eat them later.

guess what I am going to do with my 'buttered popcorn' jellybeans - hint 

That is how old my mother is this year!
Count out that many (but don't eat them all at once).
9X9 is a lot of jelly beans - maybe share them.

When you look at all those jelly beans imagine being alive that many years. You have lived 9 years.  To be as old as my mother you will need to live 9 years, 9 more times!

When I was 9 years old I had a 5 year old brother.
We do not share a birthday but we had lots of fun together.
One of the things we liked to do was wade in puddles.
(His birthday was in April - spring was coming.
My birthday was 6 months later - winter was coming.)
We got in trouble lots for getting water INSIDE our gumboots.  We got in more trouble when we wore our big brothers (or dad's) big tall boots that came all the way to the top of our legs and got them wet inside. Some puddles were deep in the middle.

with my baby sister Bonnie when I was about 9 years old

I had 9 brothers and sisters! We liked to ride our pony. Her name was Honey. We also loved to go fishing.  I never could catch a fish but my brothers would let me eat some of theirs if I scaled their fish.  I like to eat fish. I also liked to untangle the fishing line when it got in knots. When they wanted their lines fixed I got to eat fish and didn't have to clean or scale them.

Happy 9th Birthday Cody!