• “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Dr. Suess

Saturday, November 3, 2012

INTO MY HEART (or on the porch)

Have you ever been offended because you were not invited to a party or event that you did not plan on attending anyway? You know - the birthday party you didn't want to go to, the wedding you couldn't afford a gift for, or one of those social events you feel like a third wheel at. But then the invitation never came. No one thought of you or if they did they chose to not include you on the guest list.

Many of us are lonely. We want friends but if someone approaches us we may wonder what they 'want'. If someone 'drops by' we may greet them at the door and visit with them 'on the porch'. It seems to be the 'new' way.

 Do you have any friends?

Interactions with others can be comfortable or awkward. 

I was called, at one time, as a Visiting Teacher to a woman named Isabelle Olsen. She lived directly across the street from me. Isabelle was just a bit younger than my grandmother.

Isabelle was truly old school. She did not drive because 'it was not lady like' at one time and she had never learned. Her husband Frank would take her where ever she needed to go. Her door was always 'open' (figuratively at least). I was always welcome, any time day or night. She expected me to not only come to see her but to come into her home and sit down. She absolutely insisted.

No matter what else was happening she welcomed me and made time to visit with me. One day I dropped off some items I had picked up for her. After visiting a brief moment at the door I tried to excuse myself. When I declined even the 3rd invitation to go in, because I was too busy that day, imagine my shock and astonishment when she insisted that I 'at least' meet her dinner guests. They were all seated at the table with her husband! Isabelle was always friendly, always gracious, and always welcoming. When you were with Isabelle you were 'queen'.

I often ask myself how I can be as gracious as Isabelle.

Do I invite you into my home?
And into my heart?
Do I always make time for you?

Do I trust you to love me, 'warts and all'.
Do I love you (first)?
Even if you seem to not be sure of me? 


Do I keep you on the porch?