• “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Dr. Suess

Saturday, February 5, 2011


A quarter -
say that outloud (in your mind at least).

We all know what a quarter is -

What image popped to mind first?



Math? measurements?
or ...
food? school, sports, a place to live, or time?

Did anyone think of time? of your time? of your life?

A son of mine is 25 years old today.
That is less than half my age.

Do you think of a quarter being part of
a dollar?
A fourth part?
25 cents?

Twenty five is a lot of pennies!

Would you rather put a quarter in your pocket or 25 pennies?

And speaking of pennies and pockets, insurance companies reduce your rates at 25! You are no longer a 'reckless' teen.

A quarter cup may seem like a lot of salt,
but not too much sugar.

A 'quart' is 1/4 of a gallon (in some places ...) and a cup is 1/4 of a quart - that is a lot of applesauce and not very many peaches.

Many recipes use only a quarter teaspoon of this or that to make the wonderful flavor that finishes a dish to definitely delicious.

Is a quarter a little or a lot?

If you sew you might think of a 'fat quarter' and if the first quarter inch of your measuring tape wears out (or accidentally gets cut off) you'll grind your teeth until you buy a new one. You can easily see a quarter mile and it might be just to your mail box but 'quarter' your steps and it will take you a long time to get that far.

Essentially a quarter is a division
or part of something.

In math 1/4 literally means four parts of one whole.
I hate math - ask someone else about it!

As a serving a quarter of an apple is not very much, but a quarter of a cake seems excessive.

A quarter of beef requires an awful lot of freezer space, but a quarter-pounder may sound pretty nice if you are hungry.

A quarter definitely speeds by for high school or college students as they enjoy watching their favorite teams give no quarter in the final quarter of any given sporting event, and how many of them need to tidy their living quarters? And do you ever travel to that quarter of the city/state/country?

Quarter not only starts with a funny letter it is a funny word.

By now you have the idea ...
Or do you ...?

How would you spend a quarter of an hour?
What can you do in 15 minutes?
60 minutes is so much, but is 15 enough?

How about your life?
Have you lived a quarter of it yet?

Many ancestors in our family have lived almost 100 years. Great Granny Bohne lived 4 months past her 105th birthday.

Does 25 does it feel like a weight of pennies? or a quarter of beef? A quart of cold lemonade on a hot day or an end worn ruler?

Analogies are fun to philosophize (feel free to flaunt a few)
and my 25 year old son is good at making them so I'll stop now.

So what do you think?

Is a quarter century old? or young?