• “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Dr. Suess

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I have heard it said that whatever a mother does her child will do.

I think that applies to a much broader group than just mom.

David was counseled by a Bishop to hold my hand whenever we pray together. When one of my sons was visiting with his family they joined us at meal times and each evening for family prayer.

Their 2 year old watched her Papa hold her grandma's hand a few times and then insisted on holding one of their hands each time with them. She seemed content for a day or so and then began to insist that everyone at family prayer join hands in a circle.

Have you ever tried to 'discuss' something with a 2 year old?

Was if very comfortable to hold hands with an adult son?
 or his wife? Nope it really was not.

I am not a 'touchy feely' person. My father tells me that as a babe in arms if you hugged me I would 'stiff arm' you - that is push you away.  I have always felt that way about huggy kissy stuff - apparently I arrived hard wired that way.

[And I think my children are that way -
 nature or nuture? -
 they got it from both barrels -
except my youngest - he has always hugged his family - regularly.  He has always insisted on giving his parents a hug and a kiss good night, every night - even this old dog got better at that new trick.]

Try to explain personal space to a 2 year old!

Nope! not going there!

Besides - maybe she is right -
perhaps a family should face each other,
join together in a circle,
touch each other -
actually form a united circle
as they talk to God ...

There is some food for thought.

We had to think quickly.
Her mom giggled.  I winked - and we joined hands.
She insisted on being between Papa and mommy.
We all felt that was a good place for her.

The new arrangement worked well. Holding onto two adults helped this 2 year old be more reverent - if nothing else somebody knew the instant she began any shenanigans.

Fast forward 6 months.

My son and his family are visiting again. At their (later) breakfast yesterday I watched from the living room computer as the 2 year old, now 3 and much more commanding, arranged her family into a unit. Each person had to be holding the hand of a person in the circle before the food could be blessed - she had to be part of a joined circle.

It was electrifying - I had goose bumps and chills.

I really had better mind my P's and Q's!