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Sunday, January 23, 2011

PAPA - DOIN' ???

Cynthia thinks Skype is normal.
I suppose it is ...
She always tries to see who she is talking to.

My grandfather once told my father that someday we would talk face to face when we were far apart.  No one believed him.  It is hard for me to fathom. I remember when just being able to hear a voice was an amazing feat!

"Doin' - Papa, doin'?" Cynthia asks Grandpa.

Bob and Cynthia are great friends.
We found him under the table yesterday.
Do you think he was trying to tell us something?
He refused to come out.

After we sang Happy Birthday to her - together of course - on Skype, he relented and sat on the couch with us.  She blew kisses and said, "my papa, MY BOB".

Bob had lots of fun looking at pictures - on the computer.
Life has changed.
The world my grandfather lived in exists no longer, yet still we look at pictures and yearn for loved ones.

I remember Aunt LuRay showing me old sepia toned photographs in fragile albums.  How she missed her loved ones.

When Cynthia first came Grandma needed lots of help to walk -
and to remember to rest - lots and lots!
I had 'help' almost every day! It is so easy to stay on the couch when someone else 'needs' the walker or the cane.

I can wear my high heels again - Cynthia did such a good job showing me how to do it!

And Papa-pa always liked help when it was time to go get the mail.

Bob says he especially liked helping Cynthia eat popcorn.

He wants her to take him to the candy factory.

She better not - Bob likes candy TOO much.

Grandma misses making Cynthia's hair pretty.

And now I only have Bob to help me make cinnamon buns - I have to make him stay on a chair away from the sugar!

We had lots of fun playing the piano -
of course Papa-pa showed her how the hammers make sound,

fixing water for hanging pots,

roasting marshmallows -
golden brown,

 and finding pumpkins in the field.

Bob says the big pumpkin is almost as big as he is.

 He wonders if Cynthia liked that one or the little ones the most.

Picking apples was a new adventure.

Bob has been helping Papa-pa eat them.

Grandpa eats some every day!

Cynthia asks, 'What doin' Papa?' every time we Skype.
She asks and asks.
I think she wants to see.

I do too.

I want to see all my loved ones,
here - and beyond - past, present and future.