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Saturday, May 1, 2010


Well - what can I say about my mom's siblings? - sheesh - there were always some of the cousins around.  The largest group I ever mingled with had over 300 direct descendants at a reunion up at the Westcastle Boy Scout Camp - and O yeah - what a water fight that one was.  Most of you have attended one or more of these Campbell reunion camps.  Do you remember them?  I do not have any pictures of any major groups from them but if you visit the Campbell group on Facebook you should get plenty of  snapshots to see.

The Campbells often got together around Christmas time. I am not sure why at that time of the year.  I think this picture of the some of the Campbells in 1965 (at the Forsyth's in Mt. View, Alberta) would be near Granny Bohne's birthday.
I do remember one Christmas that they all came to our house in Kimball and we played some crazy 'toothpick' game - I think the idea was kind of like Jenga but it was toothpicks being stacked on top of an old fashioned glass pop bottle somehow.  I just remember all the adults and teens laughing like lunatics while they played and how they all were sitting or laying on the floor - shocking - adults on the floor, some stretched flat out!!

While looking for some other pictures look what I just happened to come across! 

And I must make a correction - it was matchsticks apparently! 
The house was stuffed right full of people - big people, little people, old and young.

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