• “It is the eternal, inescapable law that growth comes only from work and preparation, whether the growth be material, mental, or spiritual. Work has no substitute.” J. Reuben Clark, Jr. (Conference Report, Apr. 1933, p.103)

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Happy Birthday, Raanin.
I found a picture of your mother when she was your age.
It may be fun to learn what she looked like then.

Ginger far right front with siblings and cousins  January 1982
We love you and miss you.
You have helped us learn many things.

You show us how important family is.
Some of your family and cousins had birthdays in July.

Did you know you showed Papa how to shoot a paint ball gun?
He showed you how to hit the target.

placing crumbs for the blue jay (on the left)

We have watched you be kind to birds and animals
AND your sisters.

Avalin was so happy to win a game.
Being kind is very important.
We are learning to be more kind by watching your example.

We notice that you love beautiful waterfalls and many other things in nature.  You help us be more aware of, and more thankful for, all the things we take for granted.

It is fun to watch you learn new things like taking pictures with your mom's camera.  You have many talents. Maybe I should try something new ... it will be fun. Do you think I can ever play the piano like you do?

Spring 2010
You sent us some apple seeds.
We were surprised when 2 of them started to grow.

May 2011
number 2 looks taller than tree number 1

This year one tree grew really fast.
Maybe it is trying to keep up with you - you are growing fast too.

November 2011
number 1 caught up to and grew taller than number 2

You are learning many things too.
You learn quickly.
We learn more slowly.
We must practice and practice.
I hope you try to learn lots of things now.
It is harder when you get older.

We like to memorize things - poems, scriptures, songs, stories.
My father knows lots of things he memorized.
He learned serious things and silly things.

He often recited:
I never saw a purple cow,
I never hope to see one,
But I can tell you anyhow,
I'd rather see than be one!

Do you know any poems, songs or scriptures?
Can you say the Articles of Faith?


  1. I love you. Thank you for telling me how big my trees are growing fast. I like the one that grows really fast like me and wants to be as tall as me...I like that one. I got 4 DS games for my DS for my birthday. I earned all the money for the DS myself. One time we should visit at your house and I will show you my DS with the games. Love Raanin.

  2. I can hardly wait to see your DS games - you will have to help me learn to play them. That is a lot of money to earn! We will transplant your tree to a safe home in the back yard when Spring comes. Papa helped me 'root prune' it last month to help it get ready to be moved out of the front flower bed. It is too big to live there anymore. Root pruning means that we cut some of the roots with a shovel. It will grow more new, shorter ones that will help it be healthy and strong when it gets moved. Lot of Love Grandma Far, Far Away