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Monday, October 31, 2011


When someone says or does kind things (especially on a special day) the words warm the heart and cheer the soul. I must thank my family for special remembrances of my birthday.

a gift from the girls and their girls
Symbols convey more than words ever can. Their very nature invites repeated reflections that continue and in time come to have greater meaning and influence.

I read the card enclosed with this gift. It says,"Thank you for being a strong link in the generations of our family ... ". I think of the great strength I draw from my mother and grandmothers.

To have a strong chain each link must have its own strength. I am grateful my daughters and granddaughters each have their own unique strengths.

And they are beautiful too - inside and out.

when held up, light reveals intricate detail
on beads that at first glance look like a sparkling rock

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