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Saturday, September 25, 2010




A Prophet will speak today - specifically to women. 

I will hear and see the speakers using live video and audio on 

Any woman anywhere in the world may listen today - AND may see, hear or watch the counsel especially for women living in 2010. Anybody. Anywhere.  Via internet anytime - at our convenience.

I am excited! 
Can you tell? What will be said? 
What counsel and direction will I get? or you?

I don't think it will be a rerun of Noah telling me to get on an ark.

I also don't think angels will take me out of my city like Lot's wife.

I don't think so.

BUT is the counsel from a prophet in 2010 any less important?

Will it be as difficult as the prophecies Mary heard?
Or as joyous?

I don't know. 

Will I listen? Will I hear? 

Will you?

It's a little choice - or is it?

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