• “It is the eternal, inescapable law that growth comes only from work and preparation, whether the growth be material, mental, or spiritual. Work has no substitute.” J. Reuben Clark, Jr. (Conference Report, Apr. 1933, p.103)

Monday, June 23, 2014


Many years ago . . .

Staring into the face of a newborn granddaughter
I thought I saw my mother.

I raised my eyes in wonder to her mother's, my youngest daughter.

She laughed at my expression and simply stated,
"She looks like you doesn't she!"

mother and daughter

I realized in that instance that I mirror my own mother.

mother and daughter

I am surprised because I always thought she looks like her mother.

Elna left, daughter Elna Jean right

Yet I've never thought that I look like my grandmother.

We are completely alike but distinctly different.

I am in the middle of generations

In the eyes of a grandchild I see history.

History fascinates me.

Family history enthralls me.

I make discoveries there.

In them I find myself.

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