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Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Christmas 2013 is gold and white.

The bells are old but they still play Christmas tunes.
We hang lots of bells.

Papa choose the theme.
And mostly did the work - I was taking finals.
(Yae I did well!)

We decorate with things that remind us of what is most important to us.

snowflake light
The things that light our minds and hearts.

where your heart is, there is your treasure
The sweet memories of home and hearth.

And family times together.
Like dancing.

Or building snowmen.

This antique is so old his finish is changing from white to yellow. 
Cushions - foot and hand print reindeer  from mom and wreath from Clala.
And OH! how we prized new skates that fit! 
The comforts of home . . .
 And see the light is on . . . someone loving, waiting . . . watching . . .

Naturally there are lots of nativities.

Made in 1981 while on bed rest. 
3 kings on camels
from Ben while in Vegas on his mission

purchased about 1972
in a walnut nutshell

clear nativity
There are also lots of stars and frosty icicles.

And lots of angels.
The prophets say angels surround us and wait to help us at all times.

This angel glows in the dark!
There are also many lights and sights of nature.

Papa has always loved deer and the symbols surrounding them

God is good.
So many things to remind us.

Large gold pear purchased in Edmonton Mall 
He created a beautiful world and marvelous creatures and things.

We love the birds.

I chose to put small gold-framed pictures of my children on the tree.

As they rotate around I think of each one and pray they are happy.

I pray they make choices that build happiness.

Home lives in our hearts and minds.

Happiness is mostly a choice.

It is mostly thinking of good things with gratitude.

Most of our ornaments remind us of what we are thankful for.

Santa kneels to the Christ child in worship.
He shows his faith in kind actions.
And we believe . . .
Santa is someone that loves you.

We love you all and miss you.
We are especially thankful for each of you.

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