• Faith is always a gift of God to man, which is obtained by obedience, as all other blessings are. (Joseph F. Smith Gospel Doctrine, p. 212) ... Faith does not come without works; faith does not come without obedience to the commandments of God. (Conference Report, October 1903, p. 4)

Monday, December 16, 2013


Keys to eternal happiness were outlined in a BYUI devotional this week. It was a pleasure to watch.

It was about "having" and "not having" children.

Having children has been my greatest joy.

It has also, at times, brought my greatest sorrows as I have feared for their safety or happiness.

Ric Page, Associate Academic Vice President Brigham Young University-Idaho, spoke for ONLY 30 minutes! - 30 minutes of potential life changing statements. Thirty mere minutes teaching how to find joy. Thirty minutes teaching about keys of eternal happiness.

Children: An Heritage of the Lord

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