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Sunday, September 16, 2012




I am a 'middle' child - like you.

Garth Forsyth family about 1965. Can you spot me?
I am, of course, in the middle - hint wearing my favorite plaid skirt.

I have 4 older siblings.
And I have 5 younger siblings.
My foster brother is like me - in the middle.
He is just a little bit younger than I am.

My home often sheltered 'older' relatives.
I loved hearing what their lives were like.

Granny Bohne at party for her 100th birthday 

My granny told me about arriving in Canada in the East (from England) and later traveling west. The trip with a horse and buggy took about 3 months. When she was 100 years old she flew on a jet plane back east to Toronto to visit some family. She marveled at the same trip taking approximately 3 hours.

I have many grandchildren.
I am in the middle again.
I am in the middle of my life.
I am between my grandparents and my grandkids.

And Dearest Mother - you are in the middle too.
You are in the middle of eternity.
Living in the existence of now being on earth.

What a fun place to be.
Not at the first.
Not at the last.
Not a beginning or an end.

We are all in the middle.

What are you in the middle of?

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