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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Monday night is family night.

I often miss all my kids being together each week.
They all have their own adult (and family) lives now.

everyone look at grandma ...

One of my daughter's and her family came over.

cell phones may be grainy but they do capture moments of time

We kept Family Home Evening simple. We put a nativity puzzle together (500 piece) while Papa read the account of the Savior's birth from the scriptures and later we ate some goodies - oh yeah, and of course, some enjoyed a quick game of chess ... Papa you weren't kibitzing surely ...

We discovered that our Christmas decorations have 32 angels, 35 baby Jesus', and 98 birds including a partridge in the 'pear tree'.

Those that counted closest got first choice on the goodies.

My daughter won the angels - she counted 38 - she included her 6 kids! I should have won that one - I would have added her!

Sunday evening super fine snow powder flocked our lawn.

This morning I have evidence that I did not just dream a wonderful dream.  Their footprints remain on the flocked lawn and there is a finished puzzle on the table - those angels are not only smart - they are fast!

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  1. Kibitzing is telling someone how to play - I was getting pointers. Next time I get to play.