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Sunday, December 11, 2011


Remember last year's 'EAT A TREE' post?
Directions are on the link above.

Here is this year's version.
I like it's shape better.
It turns out a little different every time.

It is going to a Christmas Devotional tomorrow.
And taking along a bowl of dip.
Does that count as a finger food?
I better take some small 'plates' too ...

Such a fun refreshment and at least there will be something that is not sweet.  There seems to be an abundance of cookies and other treats that have eye appeal.

Broccoli is on sale this week.
And there are some nice round cherry tomatoes this year.

I remembered almost running out of broccoli last year so I bought lots - LOTS!! I have enough for a second tree left over.  Hmmm - where else are we going that wants refreshment volunteers?

I better sign up ...

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