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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I usually don't eat much cake.

I often don't eat any cake. 

I love to see 'cute' cakes and sing happy birthday.
Can you buy a cute and tiny cake - just enough for one or two?
Not usually.

I have learned to make my own - especially when I don't really want cake but do want the perks of having one. On a granddaughter's birthday we role played a birthday with her on Skype - and grandpa got to eat that cake. I only had to eat one bite-sized triangle (while on camera). She had a spectacular birthday cake at her far away house.

Most cake is too sweet for me and I don't really like the texture in my mouth. There are some notable exceptions.  I have eaten some wonderful cakes and cupcakes. 

Yesterday I baked a small cake and a couple dozen tiny cupcakes from a 'Betty Crocker Super Moist' cake mix.  I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed some of those cupcakes when I added some whipped topping and blueberries - not a common occurrence here but I did like that one.  I have filed the memory into the 'try again - sometime' category I keep in my brain.

I began to construct a small birthday cake.  I discovered my container of frosting didn't have enough in it to complete even a small cake. What to do ... ?? I still has some whipped topping. Maybe I could use it ... 

"Nnnooo ..." I decided,
 "that is never stable enough except to immediately be consumed."

What to do, what to doooo ....
I am NOT going to the store just for that!

My personal philosophy is, 'never let the things you can't do interfere with the things you can. I started to list cans and can'ts (as well as the 'don't want to' options) in my mind. I didn't really want to make even a partial batch of frosting that would never get used here. Hmmm ... I rejected a novel idea and then wondered 'why not?' 

Using a fork I mixed about 1 Tbsp of frosting with the same amount of whipped topping.  Seemed OK.  I kept adding the frosting and whip alternately and mixing them carefully together.  I liked it.  Maybe it is better than OK ... and I can frost the cake now.

3 1/2 inch diameter with frosting

I did.  Looks OK.  Seems to be holding ... seems to be stable ...
I refrigerated the left over frosting mix and the cake until I am ready to try to decorate.

I worked with cold frosting on a cold cake.
I stirred the frosting and filled a bag.
The simple shapes held - even some 'strings' did not break.

white cake with chocolate filling

I will likely never be a professional decorator but it is fun to wish loved ones Happy Birthday.  We sang happy birthday to a friend tonight.  Her birthday is tomorrow.  Her aged father was there.  She told us it is his birthday today.  We sang Happy Birthday to him too!  And the cake was exactly right - just enough for just two.

Her mother is in the hospital. My friend has shouldered the role of care giver to her father (in her mother's place). I see her as a true hero - honoring her father and her mother.

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