Wednesday, June 29, 2011



Could I live without blueberries???

I may never know -
I think my contributions may personally fund the BB market.

We decided to plant our own.
We planted ...
They died.

We learned, we prepared and planted again.
It has been a couple years.
This year the young plants promised fruit -
not a lot, but some.

The first larger berry was even starting to turn blue.
I took a picture in the morning.

In the evening I went back to show David.
Just to anticipate that really, actual fruit might happen.

The berries - lots of them, were gone.
Why was I surprised?
The birds always share our fruit and they got the BB first
but I suspect that they have no intention of sharing.

I will have to wait ...

And go shopping -

After I finish pouting!

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  1. I must say though, I do enjoy the trilling song of the tiny yellow orioles and that perky red headed smallish fellow(finch perhaps?)is fun to watch swaying on a stem of grass as he pecks away at the seeds. (They enjoy fruit too but I think Red Robin is my guilty culprit.)