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Friday, February 11, 2011


There is a book my children love called 'Hop on Pop'.

That is a simple rhyme.

The book is full of simple and pleasing rhymes
that come to mind readily
and tend to get stuck.
Video link here.

I was teaching a 3 year old that letters make words.
One of our words was hop -
easy to demonstrate - right?


Actions can be harder than words.
Sometimes a body (or mind) just doesn't cooperate!

I made a valiant attempt.
I lifted my shoulders.
That lifted my arms.
I tightened all my muscles
and hopped,
of course on 2 feet silly,
but my feet never left the floor.

At least not the first time.

I tried again -
I felt my feet actually lift -
completely not touching the floor-
and then watched - yes it took that long -
watched as if in slow motion
as all that had gone up came down.

BE GLAD no one had a camera!
Just erase those mental images.

The 3 year old did not notice.
She was hopping around and around.
Hopping is a delightful game.
I watched.
Nothing there was slow motion.

I am going to work on muscle tone me thinks.

Third time was a charm, my feet had lift off.
THAT should not make me sore.
I, the me at my core, is appalled!

There was a time when I could 'pepper' 100 skips just for exercise, do 10 reps of a calisthenic, and do another set of skips.  I worked my way up until I could pepper out 1000 when I was in a hurry.

I am going to hold that vision in my mind.


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