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Thursday, February 3, 2011


I have NEVER had cold feet.

It is standard (known among those that know me) that every chance I get shoes and socks come off and my feet lead the way all the way to my brain as my soul goes, "AAAaaahhhhhhwwww!!

At night I am in prison if my feet are covered.  One of the first things I do in most hotels is un-tuck the foot of the bed. Stockings are useful in cold weather, in boots, and in athletic shoes - otherwise fagitaboutem!

So why are my feet suddenly feeling cold enough for me to put them on?

Why am I considering buying a pair of slippers?

WHY have I sought out the rice packs? I hate those things - they absorb moisture and always smell and feel slightly clammy. They are next door to blankets over my feet at night! That has been a guaranteed way to awaken me - just cover my feet. So why am I heating rice bags and placing them under my feet everywhere I sit down? At least my feet are no where near my nose and don't care what the rice bags smell like!

At first I blamed the new seating arrangements in the LR and at the computer - there were drafts! And this is an excellent cool area for the computer BTW - there IS a cold draft here. I don't think that accounts for other rooms and locales and activities however.

The obvious answer is that I have cold feet.

Of course that begs the question, 'cold feet about what?'

I think it must be about getting older - I would rather skip some of the more strenuous parts of aging - especially cold feet - or cold generally.  And it seems to be headed downhill that way.  Were it only me I might think - well, you know - that it was only me!

It isn't.

My hubby is worse - and he brags he is younger.  Let me whisper though, loud and clear, that younger means less than 60 days - that's right, less than 2 months - only 42 days, so not even a month and a half.
Phhoohey - he is on the same skid row I am.

COLD FEET - bah! humbug!

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