• Faith is always a gift of God to man, which is obtained by obedience, as all other blessings are. (Joseph F. Smith Gospel Doctrine, p. 212) ... Faith does not come without works; faith does not come without obedience to the commandments of God. (Conference Report, October 1903, p. 4)

Friday, January 21, 2011


are not going to hell
for stupid things I have done or may do -
all the mistakes
and idiocy
 my span of years on earth may entail.

Yep that's right - you are safe from me.

Me on the other hand -
well -
I am not going to hell
for the ridiculous things you are doing,
have done
or may continue to do in the future.

 I am safe from you.

Isn't that nice?!!!

And even better than that -
we both will likely make it to heaven.

That is nice to think about, that is -

And true too!!

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