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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I remember going to visit Granny Bohne almost every Sunday when I was a child. I don't really have a memory of Great Grandpa Henry Bohne but have often heard others talk about 'Old One Eye'.  My father lived on the South Hill in Cardston Alberta and says that the boys would bother Henry Bohne a little when he would walk past.  He walked to town, from Aetna (approximately 5 or 6 miles) every day to attend the temple.  Dad says he never really thought about it until after he married mom and realized that he was her grandfather.

After Henry died Mary lived in their home with a woman from Mountain View as a care giver for a short time before moving into the Chinook Rest Home.  I remember her coming to stay at our home many times for a week at a time whenever she was really wanting out of there.  She would come out to the farm until she was ready to go back.

When we moved to the Church Ranch in Mountain View (I was in grade 5/6) she went with us.  All her clothes and things were moved in the station wagon. It rained terribly and everything in the big grain truck got very wet. My mother was very relieved that she was able to set up Granny's bedroom and all her things were not damaged in any way. We had no power or water for a few days - the river was close by though.  I can remember little tiny black 'SenSen' throat lozenge we thought of as candies, about the size of a glass pin head and the shape of a pillow.  Mom would have a fit when Granny Bohne would give them to us because they were like medicine - heavily and often discussed.

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